Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Pome for the day


or is it?


*the sound of no button*

REJ:- Wel, I see from my quadrophonic twatphone, mined by a child slave in Congo, assembled by a yellow slave in China, and hawked at 5000% by a 'genius' we are all to admire, that someone I don't quite know, has had breakfast this morning. Marvellous what they can do.

Sioned says she always keeps her inbox tidy, especially after that virus. You should see her spam folder - I can't remember the last time it was full. etc. I'msorryIhaven'taclue what I'm writing. Gadewch i ni have the pome:-

We've had Empires ruled by Emperors,
And Kingdoms ruled by Kings,
Now Countries politician-run -
The silly rhyming things

And history repeats the times
We don't come to our senses
I only put this quatrain in
To save me changing tenses:-

A farmer grows a bumper crop
- The world enriched in wealth -
Well that was nice, but what the price?
- Collapsed just like his health

A tender fuels the steam machine
And mining is the goal
But wait! - the less he shovels in
The more he's left with coal

A banker plays the fruit machine
He's bought a dodgy token
He ends up bust, take this on trust:-
The house wins, never broken

An expert surely touched by God
Hallucinates World debt
And so we pray, and wisely pay
The absent martians yet

When someone tells you something's hard
And you should look away
It might be that they can't explain
Quite half the things they say.

REJ:- Da iawn Idris. But you couldn't be bothered to change the tenses and make it chronological -

Idris:- I would for a fee -

REJ:- And that's just the farmer from Macbeth, isn't it? -

Idris:- No, it's a different one, just suffering from a similarly inevitably disastrous increase in wealth -

REJ:- Hang on, I'm meant to be the idiot -

Idris:- Something tells me you can still do it -

REJ:- Idris bach! What rhymes with politician? Duw! you really must think before you write, isn't it?! -

Idris:- So an accent makes you an idiot does it? -

REJ:- No, I think it was more missing the rhyme. Anyway, are you going to get into character? I can't do this on my own you know -

Idris:- It's been so long I can't remember who I is. I'll just be an artist type. Say something stupid to cue me in -

REJ:- And Idris! the coal! awful dirty llwch glo indeed! You don't be wanting to speed up the machine with irresponsible shovellings now do you? - you'll dig it all out! There'll be none left -

Idris:- Not really, Richard. You see it was a metaphor -

REJ:- Wel, it would be fiscally impru - I mean - Diawl! it's not easy being an idiot -

Idris:- Try being an artist. Oooh! I know. The coal. *ahem!* Richard! I bring you riches beyond your imagination, and you see only dust! Every word is holy, rent from my very soul. They glitter! I transmute the leaden into gold! The coal becomes the diamond only under the most enormous pressure! The sharpest cuts! Only the sharpest cuts may make the most brilliant shine! The multifaceted reflection radiates a preternatural light illuminating a butterfly broken on the wheel of words that - *Clunk!*.....*Oooof!* -

REJ:- Wel, that's broken it. I never got the hang of it anyway. Screen split clean in half! - a broken fairground mirror. For God and Country.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Equity Release

The price of any finite resource uncapped will tend towards infinite, the price of any infinite resource will tend towards zero. And all extending tautologies in like proportion. We find the Sun currently charges us £0 per unit of energy. This is surely a disastrous price, leaving God no taxable income to pay His telepathy bill. But maybe He has hedged His shares.

The corporation that is a Lily, on closer consideration, toils under the Sun unto Death, and has done so ever since being new. It is taxed at every step of entropy, to be redistributed in wider society, of which it has been suggested there is no such thing.

Sellers prefer high prices, buyers prefer low prices - we can but wonder why - but all agree such fuel is ultimately best placed in large overground bunkers known as property, to remain unused, as recommended by any misreading of the parable of the talents.

To pay for land once, - when it is already there - is absurd, to pay for it infinitely begs forgiveness beyond humanity. Perhaps this money could be better spent, without the Earth vanishing. But what profit a man if he loses the whole world? Perhaps, if not paid for infinitely, all houses would instantly fall down, like the walls of Jericho, as play those with the loudest trumpets. We need not dance like rats to this fantasy Pied Piper.

Fleas who have successfully hallucinated they own the dog, by divine right of ancestry, and not a little wrath when questioned, require the backing of force when childish superstition alone will not suffice. The shorthand of the law has proved effective, and all the world's their stage as long as we each play our scripted part.

The free flow of capital across borders renders the concept of a country subject to fluctuation, and open to economic blackmail so long as it is smaller than all the other countries in the world combined. Lines drawn in the sandpit of humanity prove chimeric as the illusory line between public/private, albeit fun for football, both with and without guns.

Equity release is most simply effected by a cap on private wealth. Earth and Sun is - near enough - a closed system, and capital can not yet fly very far into space. Maximum wealth is so capped by Physics. Individuals successfully imagining themselves against being subject to such a cap, have not noticed they already are, and might find it impractical to move to a Martian tax haven. Landlords may find it difficult to leave, and 'take their geography with them'. There is no need to remain subject to such revealing threats. The lower the cap, the greater the automatic redistribution. History tells us automatic is preferable to human whim. Evolution tells us the algorithm required can fit in the brain of an ant. Ants weigh more than humans, if you add them all together. This could be said to be a successful economic model, achieved some billion years ago. Perhaps things are clearer without emotion.

Evolution is gene economics, and we have our model perfectly 1:1 with reality, iterated over billions of years. It remains inherently unpredictable, as determinism contains freedoms unrealised by Calvin, but what happened is a matter of record. One need only read the book of life. We can know where the wealth has accumulated. Greater equality, via redistribution is better, by all inter-subjective consensus definitions of better. First there was the word. We are merely extending tautologies of a circular truism, against which therefore, there can be no coherent argument.

Centrally planned haircuts look immediately awful. Free market haircuts, a decade later. So be it with fashionable economic theory. There have been no wealth creators. Wealth creation would require supernatural ability. Meta-wealth creation is greatest via technology, of which intellectual property is invalid, since none can claim authorship of their brain. Let this equity be released also.

The final circular truism is that human law is written by humans. Thus it may be written better. 'Thou shalt not steal', and 'thou shalt not covet' were lines commissioned by persons of property. Today it is written 'the politics of envy'. Such scribes were ever for hire. Break the spell, and Justice may be written.

All humans immigrate into the world, as economic migrants from the womb, and promptly seek asylum at the nearest breast. Imprinted as the ugly duckling, both symbiosis and parasitism sound the same, and swans a fairy-tale for quacks. Yet all shall write the future, knowingly or not, the script is not yet written. Increasing economic apartheid continues the most shameful chapter in the book of humanity. Yet all that binds us, and all that is required to set us free, ultimately, are mere ideograms on a slice of a tree. Noticing this fact is worth - literally - all the money in the world.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Eurodisney II

Pierre has 5 europounds and 10 europounds worth of Camembert.
Peter has 10 europounds and 5 europounds worth of Cheddar.

Pierre sells his Camembert to Peter for 10 europounds.
Peter sells his Cheddar to Pierre for 5 europounds.

Pierre had 15 europounds of money and goods.
Peter had 15 europounds of money and goods.

Pierre now has 15 europounds of money and goods.
Peter now has 15 europounds of money and goods.

All perfectly balanced.

But wait!

Peter's imported goods = 10 europounds.
Peter's exported goods = 5 europounds.

Peter now has a 'balance of trade deficit' of 5 europounds!