Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Poem for the day

Two years. >100 million human deaths. Two happy years. Yes. Wel, I suppose I'd better start opening those annoying letters....*rrrrrrrriipp!* - Oooh! that's the first one done! Much easier than I thought. But enough of gutting landlords. And I missed the 'rent' pun too - bit out of practice. Idris whatsisname - the publisher can look him up - has an opinion on landlords too. Plus some other whining nonsense. And unless I'm very much relieved, he's gone and spoilt it all in a pome. Please don't do it again, Idris! :-

The rich man and the poor man
Heard the knock upon the door
The rich man had the longer drive
So Death had walked the more

Come in! Come in! and have some gin!
The goose is nearly done!
At which Death shone a rictus grin -
One's work is rarely fun

The Priest and King whose entrails sting
With poison lord the land
Thus beckon in their kith and kin
Who scythes with equal hand

You see! You see! My serfs are free!
No souls beyond the gate!
I see your traded currency
Said Death, perhaps too late

Fractured as the person lives
Net of takes and net of gives
Who can tell where ledger lies
In truth, with all or nothing eyes?

I made my money! All hard earned! -
At other's schools, their methods learned
And taller trees on merit grow
The forest floor inherits so!

And Death looked on with Timeless eyes
And yawned at those who plagiarise
Though humans cloud in gathering mist
He saw the word 'philanthropist'

As the polyp coral bound
Grasps at life already found
Built by shares eternally
And the fortunes of the sea

Austerity is not a lie!
We're mortgaged to an empty sky!
For globes have debts! And Gaia yearns -
Venusians care how much She earns!

And Death, so moved by human fears
Imagined Martian profiteers
And saw there was but Earth and Sun
And smiled one day His work be done.

REJ:- What? Two years worth?! Do they get any better?! Iesu Mawr!!!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The strange case of Dr.Bendi and the fuel-less uphill train. Part the first and a half.

Dr.B:- There you are, there's a neater one for OCD types. Complete with nature notes table mats for the biophiliacs. It's quite simple:- higher = slower, lower = faster. etc.

As a 'broken' line, at the 'start' there lacks a net push forward, here instead provided by the serendipitous intervention of the hand of god. At the 'end', there's a lack of push back, so it pings out faster.

These are ferrites with a range of a few cm.

The impossibility of overunity is a circular truism, but in cross-section, reality may be only fractionally true. In the final video, we see how it goes with a bigger push at the start. But no hand of god. And no start. And no end. Really, many starts and ends, and many balance points passed over.

It was a false paradox, and we shall see how the circle was squared.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Strange Case of Dr.Bendi and the fuel-less uphill train. Part the first, of infinite. (The practical of creation of energy)

See my little crossbows

Firing in a row

And each one pulls the next one's string

So on and on they go

Dr.B:- You appear to have resurrected -

Dr.B:- They appear to require a 'hint'. It has been 2 years -

Dr.B:- Is that the right word for QED? -

Dr.B:- They'll ask for QED-er, believe me -

Dr.B:- Perhaps you shouldn't write in metaphor -

Dr.B:- I can make metaphor real -

Dr.B:- Try the re-establishment of Paradise Lost -

Dr.B:- Indeed. Nawrte, do you often see fuel-less trains rolling uphill? Getting less tired? And not stopping at the top? -

Dr.B:- If I ever did, I would consult my metaphysician -

Dr.B:- No, I don't believe you would. I think you'd post-hoc an automated response instead -

Dr.B:- Wel, if you can read my mind -

Dr.B:- It's not as well written as you think. In fact it is. There are better authors -

Dr.B:- What shape am I thinking of? -

Dr.B:- A circle. -

Dr.B:- Wrong! It was a mobiusdodecahedron -

Dr.B:- Yes wel, it doesn't work with schizophrenics. Before that, you were thinking equalbutopposite means there's a force the other way that will stop it. As if there wasn't a 3rd way -

Dr.B:- Actually I was thinking that there is no life in the universe, only naturally occurring machinery, some with stop-go animated virtual selves. That, and section 3 of the mental health act -

Dr.B:- Don't worry until you see two doctors at the same time -

Dr.B:- ?!

Dr.B:- Have you ever noticed, humans think in 2D. In 1 plane. In cross-section? Thus the syntax of sentences. Thus the 2 side equation. Thus all the false projections of fundamental physics. -

Dr.B:- It's as if thought is ultimately binary -

Dr.B:- And all extant philosophical quandaries merely binary propositions in search of fractional truth -

Dr.B:- Just do the train thing -

Dr.B:- We remember that, after a mere few millennia, Mr.Halbach noticed you could augment all on one side. Of one plane -

Dr.B:- I'll take your word for it -

Dr.B:- It's not a secret. Any force can be fabricated via constructive/destructive interference. Apart from infinite. -

Dr.B:- Hurry up, I'm getting bored -

Dr.B:- Wel, like a human, he forgot a dimension. There is in and out as well. I have merely augmented 'relative net right in cross-section'. >1 pushes fore-and-out vs 1 push back. And >1>1. A 3D equation, repeatedly solved in realtime, calcs by reality. I think you'll find that so -

Dr.B:- So each array augments the next? Unlike the destructive interference one may be amused by on the ninternet? It augments, it doesn't cancel to balance -

Dr.B:- Perceptional delusions are forgiveable. Except when pointed out. Anyone who can see segmentation in a rainbow, can see it can't be there. The wavelengths spread on a perfectly smooth gradient, yet discrete segments flip in the mind. There are no lines in reality -

Dr.B:- A projection of the self-delusion -

Dr.B:- The image of God indeed. Bees have this too, and that is why flowers are pretty -

Dr.B:- So it's merely a repeating asymmetry in cross-section? A trick of geometry, simple enough for a planet to understand? -

Dr.B:- I wonder why -

Dr.B:- You don't. Why are you talking to yourself btw? -

Dr.B:- Peer review is unavailable to genius.