Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The strange case of Dr.Bendi and the fuel-less uphill train. Part the first and a half.

Dr.B:- There you are, there's a neater one for OCD types. Complete with nature notes table mats for the biophiliacs. It's quite simple:- higher = slower, lower = faster. etc.

As a 'broken' line, at the 'start' there lacks a net push forward, here instead provided by the serendipitous intervention of the hand of god. At the 'end', there's a lack of push back, so it pings out faster.

These are ferrites with a range of a few cm.

The impossibility of overunity is a circular truism, but in cross-section, reality may be only fractionally true. In the final video, we see how it goes with a bigger push at the start. But no hand of god. And no start. And no end. Really, many starts and ends, and many balance points passed over.

It was a false paradox, and we shall see how the circle was squared.

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  1. The 'back ping' before the 'start' is <1/3rd that distance. This is QED. er.