Friday, 27 July 2012

Poem for the day

Am I not beside the stream
Waking in the caddis dream
Shielding home of stone perfection
Build outside inside reflection

By the whirl and dash of pool
Chose my Self each polished jewel
Thus each tear that ever flowed
Made the river my abode

For was it not written so
Later sand a pearl may grow
And by current trials cement
Conquered I my soul's lament

As the ram and ewe made lamb
As the beaver made the dam
As the songbird wove the nest
Self as parent be expressed

Make construction ever last!
Far beyond thy mortal cast
Rise transfigured see above
Thy external, eternal love

REJ:- Wel Idris, you've exhaled yourself. Your reputation exceeds you. And you've fluffed the last line again with one syllable too many. Perhaps the poesy is not your bag. How about becoming a clerk in an iron-monger's siop?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Eternal Game

Break to see the truth by fraction
Wholly people make the faction
In the parliament of mind
Ayes and noes to one combined

1. P-K4......... .P-K4

2. Kt-KB3...... Kt-KB3

3. B-QB4....... .Bc5

4. 0-0.............. Castles

5. P-QKt4....... Nbb6?!

6. Q-Q4 3/4!... Kd4.75!

Marriage of truth agreed.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The field trip with the English Master

Now class, can you the tiger see?
So come along, you're safe with me
Now check the bushes, check the tree
More fun than Jones Biology!

Here's the forest, there's a bird
What was that strange noise you heard?
Not a teyeger, make no fuss
We can't see him? - he can't see us

Come now pupils narrow file
Stop that tiiger nonsense, Kyle
I think you'll find this wisdom wise:-
Just keep a lookout for his eyes

Jenkins! Not now you as well?
Frozen by an ancient spell?
I'm sure there are no tygers here
And I know why - you're gripped by fear

Now listen children, this I know
In words of grass, tall trees may grow
We pick the flowers from the weeds
And mark that letters may be seeds

Then! Master eaten ere he blinked!
And smiling tiger teyeger winked.

Friday, 20 July 2012

The cog and the train

Thought is as the spinning drum
That registers but nought and one
In black and white, pixel or none
The smear, the blur, the truth ne'er won

So said a cog who felt within
His heart the folly of the spin.
Then a carriage of the train
Smoothly pulled this keen refrain:-

Though the dials be multiplied
And the answer farther spied
Wisdom fails by heart's ignition
But one cog beyond cognition

Thus the driver sought to steer
Bound by logic of the railed
Yet by points perception clear
Only smaller circles trailed

Off the track, along a siding,
All the while the truth was hiding.

REJ:- Da iawn, Idris. Yes. Only a siding is a track, isn't it? What? Mainlining?! Yes I can believe that you diamorphinous brobdingnagian dragonfly-dreaming dimwit! etc.

Mr Blake and Mr Keynes have a baby

What wealth, what gold created thee?
Didst raise thou ship, or raise the sea
And did thy crew so volunteer
Was rudder love, was tiller fear?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Memento Vitae

Life lay'd me down amongst the glade
And hushed and rested watching still
There saw the story in the blade
And read that all the world was ill

The river verdant banked to sky
By nestled deltas from the well
Sprang inflorescent ink from why
There broken letters broke the spell

O! Master editor must see
His works corrupt by day and night
And Time's errata will set free
Such glory future I would write!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Poem for the day

Wel it's 8:42 yesterday, and Idris possibly ap Prytherch has found out my new address. I hadn't moved, but it was a double bluff that failed. A quadruple bluff really, but I simplified. All maths is extending tautologies of x=x. How could it be otherwise? That is what a proof is. Nawrte, I can't remember if Sioned's still here or not - someone else should do the continuity - anyway if she were, I doubt she would have much of interest to say....

Hmmm....I said 'I doubt she would have much of interest to say'....

....Wel, it looks like she must have -

*Oooof!* *Sosban!* *Oooof!* -

Sioned:- All in the timing -

Iap:- O diar! I'll away if my timing's bad -

REJ:- I'd worry about the rhyming more -

Iap:- Does it hurt? -

REJ:- You've no idea -

Iap:- *Cough!*

If you don't like A-G-W
Then you just do A-G-C
Gaia's dead, the thermostat
So belongs to you and me

*expression of a confused snail*

REJ:- Why are you still here? -

Iap:- I'm contemplating. Strolling wistfully Vienna-wards due to adverse winds -

REJ:- Wel, look W's got 3 syllables, C's only 1. You fell at the first -

Iap:- Another age must be my judge -

REJ:- No, I think we can count in this age already -

Iap:- I was going for 'Wuh' -

REJ:- Wel, why did you write 'Double U' then? I mean 'debble yew'? -

Iap:- I didn't know how to spell it -

REJ:- Looks more like two V's to me anyway -

Iap:- Vv? -

REJ:- vV? -

Sioned:- VVhy me?

Friday, 6 July 2012

Poem for the day

A tiny ant, upon a flake
He couldn't feel his whole world shake
For he was shaking synched the same
A pawn within a larger game

He climbed a blade, to see the sky
And all his friends thought he was high
And to applause he walked so tall
And claimed to see outside the ball

He built a scope of spacetime made
An instrument upon the blade
And he the same, drew carefree flicks
As fast as so the whole world ticks

As ants to man, as man to maker
Ever trapped inside snow shaker

Thursday, 5 July 2012

A rose by any other number

An any other number detector today nearly detected any other number. 'We now need but years of salaried analysis to see if what we have here, is in fact, really nearly the possible future confirmation of the detection of any other number than the one we were looking for. But it certainly is perhaps another number of some sort, and this is very exciting as it could in fact lead to confirmation that our part equation which we thought was wrong, is, in fact, wronger. We must all appreciate the lack of gravity of the situation'. Said a man with a very curious top lip.