Friday, 27 July 2012

Poem for the day

Am I not beside the stream
Waking in the caddis dream
Shielding home of stone perfection
Build outside inside reflection

By the whirl and dash of pool
Chose my Self each polished jewel
Thus each tear that ever flowed
Made the river my abode

For was it not written so
Later sand a pearl may grow
And by current trials cement
Conquered I my soul's lament

As the ram and ewe made lamb
As the beaver made the dam
As the songbird wove the nest
Self as parent be expressed

Make construction ever last!
Far beyond thy mortal cast
Rise transfigured see above
Thy external, eternal love

REJ:- Wel Idris, you've exhaled yourself. Your reputation exceeds you. And you've fluffed the last line again with one syllable too many. Perhaps the poesy is not your bag. How about becoming a clerk in an iron-monger's siop?


  1. The Stanford basement’s here and now.
    Look! Check around you. Notice how
    You copy. Reproduce The Code.
    You are The Seed and you’ve been sowed.
    Self-preservation is The Rule;
    But it was written by a fool.
    There is no Self and nowt’s preserved,
    And no one gets what is deserved.
    There are no prisons but The One
    We fail to see. My rhyme is done.

    It's not as pretty but neither am I. Tamoxifen talking.