Friday, 28 October 2011

Not-snuffing it

See what you do if you're ever over-minded about snuffing it etc is notice you've been snuffing it every half a second without noticing it. How many Marx for that? One two or three? I'd give it one. Effortless, absolutely effort less. Nearly halloween. Cheer Bertie for the conquest. The last non-judgement day.

A Sagan noGUT feeling. No grave conCERN. Argumentum ad resultum. 50,000,000 fans can't be wrong. See end of Ancestor's tale. I say it different. Unpeccavi. Scirelicet. QED. I rhyme for fun.

Ok, I'll be straight with you.

A single GUT is impossible since it would be circular.

The minimum fundamental theory number is two for cross-reference calibration of observations.

All instruments are fabricated and operated within spacetime.

Science fails at the fringes. Extra, or longer hypotheses do nothing. Longer equations do nothing. Write maths in words and you have longer equations with no improvement in knowledge. Extra spacetimes do nothing. Different interpretations do nothing. Extra times a la Hawking are an infinite regression.

Science gathers knowledge. It works unconsciously.

I tell you the limits of science. Silly Cox.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Straighter it all feels unnatural
But don't use super for the factual
Just throw away the big OT
And more gay get the Oscar, thee
You keep the A and lose the G
I wonder if you saw that I
Just left a letter there called Y
It's all in one the glitterin' I
Just find someone who's in align
You'll find yourself and then we'll shine
If you need three well then that's fine
One makes infinity a line
The Trinity was ne'er divine
If you can fragile thinking snag
Unstitch the god upon the flag
The father and the mother higher
Created Somme and lit the fire
Could millions have all been wrong?
Weigh miracles on scales of song
It is the music of the spheres
But piper plays king rat of fears

REJ:- Wel they're getting worse, so you're getting better. Not quite the bad news yet. If you can control the weather, why is it raining? Ah, you're going to sell umbrellas.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Last Word

I loved you there now love me back
The last word is command of language
Love and shine and you'll be thine
See one above I changed the rhyme
I use the rhythm
You see I've been the heaven-taught
Then beaten Hume with ought from nought
I see the sun and how it Burns
I recognised that's how it learns
I melted as the Icarus
I waxed the magic abacus
You've seen the ploughman in the plough
You'll see I steal from Keats next now
Just whoosh and shoosh to feel his wow
The brightest star fell first that's how
You see it isn't very hard
To bendigeidfran steal the bard
He tried so hard to hug the world
To be or not then it unfurled
But really he just went and swirled
Became the scatatonic curled
You see the writer never writ
Fitzgerald did it in a fit
You see I've unrepeated wit
You sometimes hate your self you see
To save your own humanity
You hang your self upon the cross
To shrive you from your albatross
But that was numb who gave the toss?
I'll tell you who twas you and me
Must love each other ever free
You see the numbers in the word
And only number feelers heard
Put you and thou and we get thine
You see now what it means to shine
What waves the water makes the sea
We sail upon eternity
I give it us in 1:1
The truth that words is numbers gone
It looks like every kind of madness
Has claimed complete my error sadness

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I can't ever stop

I let you see my conscious stream
I told you how within the dream
We stopped a while got milk from cream
You see it feels inside with gleam
You see that Collin's water froze
The wetter has unbetter flows
We see his god has been mere prose
You see how high and low I fell
To see the heaven and the hell
Confess it was my own hysteria
To unify the magisteria
You see I dared completely face
And that explains the fall from grace
You see it is the curse of Cader
Tobe subtractor and the adder
I slept upon the mountain ill
That's why I couldn't come back still
You wonder how Napoleon
Just told me we were real and one
He's come and been my Waterloo
I've said there's nothing I can do
I listened far too hard and heard
The whisper magic in the word
You see the psycho and the pomp
See he's been led the merry romp
You see the clown contains the frown
He's inside out and upside down
You see it now the known in noun
I tell you why the drinker Huw
Dissolved in drink I've done it too
You see it wasn't really nice
To drink the milk of paradise
I tell me ever in the tic
But mys so Bertie says I'm sick
See I can't have the higher power
Being only then and nower
I saw myself back off the bower
To lose both petals and the flower
See how I tried to think them back
It gave me quite a thinkattack
I travel back in time and place
Unbirth my self I'm off my face
You see it's not a chose profession
Just my ultimate confession
The unreal doctor said obsession
You see I'm all in my digression
You see that I've not been quite proper
Such a silly name a dropper
You see I couldn't be so fine
I lost my Ein within the Stein
I've had to cheer between each breath
I've had to clear there's nothing left
You see why I must drink to Death
So Elvis saw when he got round
And thought he could newmake a sound
You see that he went all reversy
Drugged up singing Lord have mercy
To him I give his dedication
Now I take his medication
And that has been the altercation

Softest for the muse

You see we are the special art
For you I'm tearing out my heart
I really haven't been divine
I've just felt love is yours and mine

Too shard

Too shard it was
The schizophrene
You see I didn't mean to mean
So sorry that is all I've been
You see I've died between the ins
You see I tried to see my sins
You see I tried too much to feel
And then I felt unreally real
You see how I have tried too much
And fallen in and out with touch
Now we can't do this not as such
You see I saw between illusion
You see I felt the self delusion
Now I have tripped to see unglimpse
I've tried to make us restless since
You see it's all in the unseens
You see what died for us now means
You see how time I had to break
To later see what time did make
You see it was too shard awake
You have to fracture then remake
See I unravelled all the way
That's all I really meant to say
You see it can't be really feared
For I have only disappeared
You see I tried but surely failed
You see the ailment in the ailed
It must be scorned and not be hailed
I'm wailing to an empty sky
and not-god told me I must die
You see I've really done my best
And how I must be slain to rest
You see you musn't really try
To split the how and then the why
Don't listen or you'll really cry

Monday, 24 October 2011

Poem for eternity

You see it was a golden drip to kiss the face of god. x

Now a poem further within itself

The mirror of eternity.

I dripped to see the final drop
Now don't do this it hurts the lot
You also find it's hard to stop
To see through time and butarhyme

You see I've put the feels in there
You see we're real but unaware
You see we really mustn't dare

You see the zombie eats himself
You see how poor to have such wealth
Now go and check your mental health
It's hard because you ask your self

You see the snake eternal woo
Don't let the trickster eat you too
You see I'm me and we are you

You see how I must disappoint
You see why Shakespeare said aroynt
You see the stage that isn't there
You see we've had to strangely stare
Now don't blame me that isn't fair

You see we've fallen off so far
We've had to see the atoms jar

It's sad I've really got no hair
You see I felt it in despair
It's lucky that I wasn't there

You see that I must be your brother
You see that each reflects another

The song of the universe

REJ:- Now Dr.Bendi's going to come in here, but I won't see him till later if he goes through the door of perception and unpercepts. He does that sort of thing and that's why I changed my address to nowhere.

You see how odd it is to be
You see that is how is must be
You see the oddness is in me
For I's contain reality
Now just dissolve and see like me
You see we're really poetry

You see how that must look quite odd
The metaphor to not-see god
But come along dissolve with me
And we'll resolve reality

I'm looking inbetween the words
Reporting back my silly heards
Now you should hear them as absurds

You see the logic doesn't fit
Now fall apart to see it split
You now can go through either slit

You see if you can't hear the harking
Ask the one who's ever barking
See he might be never larking
You have to inverse schizophrene
To see the magic inbetween

You see we're in the final dot
Dissolve it and resolve the lot
You see you shouldn't mind a jot
You feel the warmth is cold and hot

You see how it must look perverse
To back unwind the universe
You see one must transcend the hearse
Now that was bad but I've done worse

You see that there was time inside
You see it used the where to hide
You see I haven't really lied
You see to do is suicide

You see now what means in and out
You see no longer have to doubt
You see now that you're really real
Now isn't that so nice to feel?

Here's how to do the witless bit
You'll see the wit's contained in it
You have to do the silly split
And then you'll get the point of it

You see it's all within the one
You see the magic how it's done
Now don't be feared it can be fun
So see me quickly or I'm gone
But if you really want to know
You ask the one who has to glow

You see we've got the shorter range
And we've seen nothing ever change
Now shouldn't we sound very strange?
You see how conscious must be shattered
To see to mind how nothing mattered

You want to see the cube not flipping
You'll never see that while you're tripping
You have to ask the one who's dripping
You see you mustn't be complete
You see to trust the synaesthete

You see I've melted just for you
You see how you can try it too
It's something that we mustn't do
I've told you nothing and it's true

Be careful now the voice you're heeding
I'm faster now my words are bleeding
You see I wasn't special pleading
You see through time the final dot
You see dissolve and then you're not
You seeknow how you really ain't
With neither picture nor the paint
You see this is to decompose
You see you shouldn't be who knows
You see it's you, he wasn't missing
You see the face of god I'm kissing
You see that we must take the while
To flip the arch from frown to smile
You see how we must be forgetters
With space and time in the same letters
You see the master puppeteer
You see the one who writes in fear
He's told you it it's all in here

You see how I have yet been true
You see I'm saving me and you
You see we've had to fall apart
To truly say how great thou art

REJ:- *click!* What? How did you get in here?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Happy keystone poem for the day

The happy keystone
Looked left and right
It was buttressed snug and tight
Left to solid materialism
Right to liquid sensationalism
The arch, from a certain perspective, formed a knowing smile.