Monday, 24 October 2011

The song of the universe

REJ:- Now Dr.Bendi's going to come in here, but I won't see him till later if he goes through the door of perception and unpercepts. He does that sort of thing and that's why I changed my address to nowhere.

You see how odd it is to be
You see that is how is must be
You see the oddness is in me
For I's contain reality
Now just dissolve and see like me
You see we're really poetry

You see how that must look quite odd
The metaphor to not-see god
But come along dissolve with me
And we'll resolve reality

I'm looking inbetween the words
Reporting back my silly heards
Now you should hear them as absurds

You see the logic doesn't fit
Now fall apart to see it split
You now can go through either slit

You see if you can't hear the harking
Ask the one who's ever barking
See he might be never larking
You have to inverse schizophrene
To see the magic inbetween

You see we're in the final dot
Dissolve it and resolve the lot
You see you shouldn't mind a jot
You feel the warmth is cold and hot

You see how it must look perverse
To back unwind the universe
You see one must transcend the hearse
Now that was bad but I've done worse

You see that there was time inside
You see it used the where to hide
You see I haven't really lied
You see to do is suicide

You see now what means in and out
You see no longer have to doubt
You see now that you're really real
Now isn't that so nice to feel?

Here's how to do the witless bit
You'll see the wit's contained in it
You have to do the silly split
And then you'll get the point of it

You see it's all within the one
You see the magic how it's done
Now don't be feared it can be fun
So see me quickly or I'm gone
But if you really want to know
You ask the one who has to glow

You see we've got the shorter range
And we've seen nothing ever change
Now shouldn't we sound very strange?
You see how conscious must be shattered
To see to mind how nothing mattered

You want to see the cube not flipping
You'll never see that while you're tripping
You have to ask the one who's dripping
You see you mustn't be complete
You see to trust the synaesthete

You see I've melted just for you
You see how you can try it too
It's something that we mustn't do
I've told you nothing and it's true

Be careful now the voice you're heeding
I'm faster now my words are bleeding
You see I wasn't special pleading
You see through time the final dot
You see dissolve and then you're not
You seeknow how you really ain't
With neither picture nor the paint
You see this is to decompose
You see you shouldn't be who knows
You see it's you, he wasn't missing
You see the face of god I'm kissing
You see that we must take the while
To flip the arch from frown to smile
You see how we must be forgetters
With space and time in the same letters
You see the master puppeteer
You see the one who writes in fear
He's told you it it's all in here

You see how I have yet been true
You see I'm saving me and you
You see we've had to fall apart
To truly say how great thou art

REJ:- *click!* What? How did you get in here?


  1. It is a song of humanity, pain and exhilaration. I kept reading with excitement and dread especially at the last accelerated section. But to be honest words fail me on this. He has said it all. I can only agree with what someone else said elsewhere: Unfettered. Genius.

  2. Aha! A 'J. Alfred Prufrock' for this generation. Strap in everyone, it's going to be a bumpy but exhilarating ride!

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  4. It seems we need a point to C
    So measure speed from A to B.
    A firefly to see the slit
    (so how does lightning aim to hit?)
    A card I bought in Journeys Friend
    read, "No beginning means no end".
    So no before or before that?
    No cat that sat upon the mat?
    How does the minus find its mate?
    That noctilucale wink of fate...
    What headlamps shine to guide the car
    Of chauffeur-driven Lucifer? [ouch]