Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Happy keystone poem for the day

The happy keystone
Looked left and right
It was buttressed snug and tight
Left to solid materialism
Right to liquid sensationalism
The arch, from a certain perspective, formed a knowing smile.


  1. Original and arresting...he experiments with so many different ways of seeing and writing. "The happy keystone" - what a thought! Another lovely pome.

  2. Keystone cops.

  3. This poem is made of pure smile.


  4. That is just what I feel, Allan. It encapsulates happy.

  5. I smiled at least three times; which for six lines of poetry is pretty good going.

    A perfect snapshot of comforting security from the first three lines. They radiate and suggest warmth, bonding, closeness, fit. Beautifully reassuring in their mundane, instantly recognisable way.

    Then a spreading smile of superiority after reading the next two lines; 'I know what he's talking about here, I'm pretty smart and knowing.'

    Followed by a surprise and then laugh of relief after the last line delivers its charge; the play on 'arch' and 'knowing' reflecting exactly the sensation you have just experienced.

    I felt a warm glow of luxury after reading it by being in touch for just a few seconds with a mind so layered, so different, so full of skill and yet so frail and human that I felt grateful.

    So four smiles in total then; one last one of thanks.

  6. What a good analysis. Lord A. And he has just blown everyone away on RD - true brilliance and a one off mind,