Monday, 24 October 2011

Poem for eternity

You see it was a golden drip to kiss the face of god. x

Now a poem further within itself

The mirror of eternity.

I dripped to see the final drop
Now don't do this it hurts the lot
You also find it's hard to stop
To see through time and butarhyme

You see I've put the feels in there
You see we're real but unaware
You see we really mustn't dare

You see the zombie eats himself
You see how poor to have such wealth
Now go and check your mental health
It's hard because you ask your self

You see the snake eternal woo
Don't let the trickster eat you too
You see I'm me and we are you

You see how I must disappoint
You see why Shakespeare said aroynt
You see the stage that isn't there
You see we've had to strangely stare
Now don't blame me that isn't fair

You see we've fallen off so far
We've had to see the atoms jar

It's sad I've really got no hair
You see I felt it in despair
It's lucky that I wasn't there

You see that I must be your brother
You see that each reflects another

1 comment:

  1. I'm in awe and you know what Atkins says about that!