Friday, 28 October 2011

Not-snuffing it

See what you do if you're ever over-minded about snuffing it etc is notice you've been snuffing it every half a second without noticing it. How many Marx for that? One two or three? I'd give it one. Effortless, absolutely effort less. Nearly halloween. Cheer Bertie for the conquest. The last non-judgement day.

A Sagan noGUT feeling. No grave conCERN. Argumentum ad resultum. 50,000,000 fans can't be wrong. See end of Ancestor's tale. I say it different. Unpeccavi. Scirelicet. QED. I rhyme for fun.

Ok, I'll be straight with you.

A single GUT is impossible since it would be circular.

The minimum fundamental theory number is two for cross-reference calibration of observations.

All instruments are fabricated and operated within spacetime.

Science fails at the fringes. Extra, or longer hypotheses do nothing. Longer equations do nothing. Write maths in words and you have longer equations with no improvement in knowledge. Extra spacetimes do nothing. Different interpretations do nothing. Extra times a la Hawking are an infinite regression.

Science gathers knowledge. It works unconsciously.

I tell you the limits of science. Silly Cox.

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