Sunday, 13 November 2011

Poem for the day

Wel, what a funny month that was. I blame the Gregorians. Now genius maps it's own destination, and with me heddiw, is Cartographer Royal, and Mythomancer to the Pope, Iolo a'i Keyslost. Iolo has his quirks - as do we all - and he has kindly brought them with him, and rather buggered up the seating arrangements. No matter! To be done with such minute and literal trifling. Iolo a'i Keyslost - croeso i Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn! -

Ia'K:- Should that mutate to i Lanfihangel? -

REJ:- f knows -

Ia'K:- Wel, I should know, because you're pretending me'm a real Welsh person -

REJ:- Wel, look it up then -

Ia'K:- But I'm not supposed to have to look it up. I'm supposed to know instinctively, like a native -

REJ:- ffs, it's only one letter -

Ia'K:- Ll is only one letter. You do Welsh crosswords don't you? -

REJ:- Not very well -

Ia'K:- Wel, wouldn't you like to improve? -

REJ:- *hoof!.....miaow!* - Now look what you made me do -

Ia'K:- Hmmmm....a 'creative'. How did refusing a lawyer go? -

REJ:- Rather well I thought. At first. My refutation of the doctrine of one law for all, and the lack of objective morality -

Ia'K:- They locked you out, didn't they? -

REJ:- I hadn't finished! Where is the justice? I was just getting to the good bit -

Ia'K:- You're banned from every police cell in the county -

REJ:- There are other counties! And countries! -

Ia'K:- Shall I do my poem or what? -

REJ:- I don't see why you get to. Half way through my Magna Carta in limericks, I -

Ia'K:- The Cat's Whiskers.

The Cat's Whiskers.

Into the kitchen, came three mice
And no, not blind, 'cos that's not nice
One held a whisk, another twirled
The last merely bowed, as the cream was whirled

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  1. To make the party really swell
    A fourth brought jelly round as well.
    They quartered up the festive food
    But one thought that was rather rude.
    You see, another did arrive
    And four plus one...Well that makes five.
    A feline was our fifthsome guest
    Who'd just popped by to watch the rest.
    "It's strange", thought cat, "that when I come
    The celebrations are undone;
    And even if I close my eyes
    I never catch them by surprise.
    It wasn't that they couldn't stay,
    There wasn't time to run away.
    The only clue that they were here
    Is that I made them disappear."