Tuesday, 15 November 2011

To Keats

There came a sunbeam in the room
And with it swirled the magic loom
By Sirius calling from afar
A galaxy within a star

The prism cast untangled motes
That danced to play aeolian notes
Now here a chord but there a rest
Wherever grasping reason test

An Ark was floating in the ray
I listened to Creations play
And I was off there hand in hand
To Oberon, and fairy land.

REJ:- Now that's just showing off. Try with one hand behind your back -

JK:- I only used three pints of blood


  1. I saw this created - he read a phrase of Keats and wrote the above in 15 minutes. Wonderful!

  2. heroic couplet? just another dog day afternoon.