Monday, 21 November 2011

No time like the present poem for the day

A man who forgot to wear socks
Was found banging his head against rocks
Now if only he'd said
We were really all dead
Then we wouldn't be such silly Cox
Cuckoo clocks
Then we wouldn't be such silly Cox
O happy days! when Jesus walked
His miracles divine
I wonder why He couldn't cut
His nails, as I can mine
No wonder He was cross
Rhythm, rhythm everywhere
Can you combine the meter?
Now hear me in my finery
I tell you logic's binary
And when it fails 'tis science that ails
Did I miss a line?
Did I misalign?
I draw a blank
Averse! Avast! did I say draw?
Are pictures, maths, and words the same,
Big numbers small combined with awe
Is longer squiggles quite the game?
But how would you know
If time didn't flow
Oh please do have a go
Look at the ants!
Look at the ants!
It looks like they're thinking!
Now if you wonder what's the smell
'Tis I, forget my pants as well.

REJ:- Other end of the telescope perhaps.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Are you wobbling between profundity and meaning and total emptiness? Can binary share out a pi? Can you have your cake and eat it? Without swallowing?

  3. More Clockwork Orange. Takes a wind-up to make me tick. If you prefer to oscillate less wildly there's always crystals.

  4. It does rather depend on the dimensions you imagine you read me in. The Pi and how circular it is. Btw you did the Blackburn on TSG. On free will he neatly contradicts himself. He's the most profoundly confused man since Marx fell for Hegel.

  5. I'm very one dimensional. You can have any cake tin so long as it's spherical. Hard to think outside of it. Fractions are possible. I've no idea what I"m talking about. Better go and look it up later.

  6. Btw I'd be flattered to be seen holding hands with Blackburn in the ring o' roses. We're still stuck in the circle but at least we know it. And such pretty steps.