Sunday, 27 November 2011

Cave Plato

Now for the hard of thinking, REJ is not real and neither is Dr. Bendi. Or any of my other selfs. They are rather, abstractions under human traits, typing concepts, the passive instruments of a dialectic.

Here follows a brief reminder of the Medawar:-

1. Are you a god or a computer?
2. Do you find questions difficult?
3. Can you read?
4. Can you write?
5. Have you ever used some kind of external output collection device?
6. Are you, or have you ever been a ghost?
7. Try saying 'woo' or something perhaps.
8. Have you ever said 'boo' to a goose, but it couldn't see you because you were transparent?
9. Are you a goose?
10. Would you like to buy some magic beans?
11. Have you ever visited 'Answersingenesis'?
12. More than once?
13. Have you ever given your money to a rich man with a big hat?
14. And a plate?
15. And a house?
16. Do you ever wonder what the biggest number is?
17. But can't count from 0 to 1?
18. Can you make books, or do you have to ask someone else to make them for you?
19. Do you know what a book is?
20. Are you a book?
21. Did you manage to log on here?
22. Did you eat a banana first?
23. Are you, or have you ever been, a monkape?
24. Do you know the secret of man's red fire?
25. Can you summon up fire without flint or tinder?
26. Did you ever write the blind watchmaker program?
27. Are you an apple?
28. Are you a tree?
29. Have you ever seen an apple and a tree at the same time?
30. Do you think you done seen 'bout everything?
31. Are you a professional dental surgery 'after' picture?
32. Do you sell umbrellas?
33. Have you never done anything particularly magic, but feel sure you might be able to if you gave it a go?
34. I mean really tried?
35. Are you magic?
36. Have you ever taken half a second to pretend to be conscious?
37. Have you ever disappeared for half a second?
38. How about quicker?
39. What was it like?
40. Are you going to do it again?
41. Are you the quick, the dead, the quick and the dead, or dead quick like me?
42. Have you ever put 'light' and 'dark' somewhere in a poem?
43. Have you ever been to Swansea?
44. Did you wonder why afterwards?
45. Did you ever think 'ebony and ivory' was a clever song?
46. Do you think the Harlem pygmies would be better globe-trotters?
47. Have you ever thought gay men are really women?
48. Do you think it would be fun to try and force-drug one?
49. Do you think you could pass the Turing test?
50. Do you like looking at people's faces?
51. Do you think you own their faces?
52. How about their clothes?
53. Do you think you should be allowed to take people's clothes off in public?
54. Do you think you should be allowed to take people's faces off in public?
55. Do you like croissants?
56. Have you ever thought beings can exist immaterially?
57. Do you think it would then be necessary to make material?
58. Do you wish I had some new material?
59. Have you ever talked to a flag?
60. Do you have a special relationship?
61. Do you have special needs?
62. Have you ever thought it might be fun to march 1000 miles to kill someone you haven't met before?
63. What if it was snowing?
64. Are you a militant sceptic?
65. Are you sure?
66. GOTO 1


  1. 43. Have you ever been to Swansea?


    44. Did you wonder why afterwards?

    Oh yes. (Sigh)

  2. I'm not feeling my self again today.

  3. I feel my self on a regular basis.

  4. The child who loses the mother tongue will not understand their own taped voice when played back to them years later. The 'self' is but the navigated cross points of ever shifting bearings. We are all schizophrenic, interacting and hearing voices that tell us what we are thinking.

  5. (put it in the 'wrong' bit again)

    Sympathetic Symphony

    Let me be lonely to find friendship in a word;
    Echoes of dances soft spoken to a lyre.
    Whispers of stardust and passions overheard
    From shadowed voices all gathered round a fire.

    The script connects thought the faces are unknown.
    The flow sears through with its cold persistent path.
    Thus speaks creation with meaning as mine own.
    I meet my maker in pre-writ epitaph.