Monday, 28 November 2011

On Epistemology

Philosophy is complete with the acceptance of logic. It follows nature is universally consistent. Where this is not true, none can say.

For self-consistent lines of enquiry:-

The lines are all circles.
An unbroken circle is a fact, until superseded by a smaller circle.
If a break is 'observed', the locus of the break is undetermined.

Consider:- A material thing cannot be in two places at once

On observation:-

'material thing', 'place', 'once', the observation, or logic is wrong.

One can't have logic wrong, as statement or conclusion.

Of the delights of genius, larks ascend to later discovery of the efforts of almost-peers. Here Bertie and Ayer do quite well. For those who may fear authority, see Principia and LTL.

With greater wit:- Maths may derive itself, language and maths are synonymous, logic is god.

Art succeeds where it communicates the intended to the intended.
Science succeeds where it communicates with logic.

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