Thursday, 13 November 2014

A Prophecy

Lo! The dawning age of gold!
By holy fools and madmen told
Revolved in comprehending light
And drew the curtains of the night

Up! The thirst for knowledge grew
And branches joined made tree anew
There stood one Tree, in but one field
And this reality revealed:-

In every heart, in every brain
There grows a tree as real as pain
The fruit of Death the apple bore -
Black pleiotropy to the core

Then apes transcending human airs
Become as gods made magic prayers
And Physics answered every one
Immortal in Eternal Sun

Dr.B:- I've done the Sun bit. I suppose it's cheating to have looked at the next video.


'Dear Richard Emmanuel Jones'. It starts. 'Have you noticed you used to get 2000 readers a month, but now didn't? Perhaps it is your shit poems. Who the fuck is Wigner, and what is a magnet? Don't be telling me frozen electric. Ice-pick in the brain of Maxwell my arse. You couldn't unify a -
*scrumple!*.....*fling!*....Wel, there you are. And here I might be. But I might not. But I do know this:-

About 20 years ago, in the sleepy racist town of k-, an extraordinary event occurred, that is still recounted to this day. Hans Bluckembourg, commercial traveller, and Grand fifth beak of the Great order of the Ostrich, was gazing at the moon through the eyes of a wolf. So far, so normal. But this was no ordinary run-of-the-mill lupine oculist mental projection. For he wore the most magnificent cod-piece and cape ever to enfract the eyes of that whole province, perhaps even the world. The thread of gold -

REJ:- Can I interrupt you there? -

X:- It looks like the answer is 'yes' -

REJ:- Wel, shouldn't you be doing something else? -

X:- They'll want to hear about the codpiece. It really was quite remarkable. The satin was of a special -

REJ:- No it wasn't. It wasn't, was it? Because there never was a codpiece, was there? -

X:- If I am to understand you intend to slander the Great order of the Ostrich, by insinuating that the Grand fifth beak himself would venture forth into polite society minus the holy golden codpiece, as it is written, then I am afraid I shall have to demand -

REJ:- Look, you're just making it up. Just saying the first things that -


X:- Satisfaction Sir! I shall have satisfaction as a gentleman of the -

REJ:- Ffs! I'm not playing along with this patent nonsense -

The duel took place on the third day of the month of monkeys. Atop a cedarn grove, surrounded by -

REJ:- No it fucking didn't! I would have remembered -

-surrounded by the council of Cheetahs, and -

REJ:- I would have remembered the council of Cheetahs! I remember things like that -

-surrounded by the council of Cheetahs and Her Impervious Majesty, the Queen of the ladybirds -

REJ:- Hang on a minute, that rings a bell -

-Shimmering iridescent through the frozen raindrop of Time, that static tear through which we may view the planets crying -

REJ:- No, I don't think italics helps -

-The eternal battle of the profane and the sacred was distilled upon the unwitting -

REJ:- I'll tell you what, there's nothing distilled within me. Do one of the old ones, like old times. Let's see if the magic is still there.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Reification of Poincare, The deification of Wigner

The commander of Maths
So glowered at his page
That 1 = one
Was the scourge of the age

And whispers though true
That 2 = two
Were a most matheverbical
Synonym too

If symbols meant numbers
And numbers meant words
Then much could be written
Of summing absurds

That x=x, and you=you
And infinite proofs tautological through
Is only where Spacetimes
Hold logic as true.

REJ:- I understood none of that -

Dr.B:- The 'miracle we neither understand or deserve' is merely the ultimate circularity of empiricism within spacetime expressed. Relativity and QED will never be unified.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Poem for the day

'In darkness of Death, young stars wonder why, The moon with her sickle so harvests the sky'. Oooh! I wish I could write like that. Yes. Bible black. That's a nice colour. Let's look for it in this word-paint catalogue....Aha! here it is! opposite lamb white. Indeed. Last night I dreamt I was playing the neigh-piano with my teeth. And when I woke up, I had eaten a zebra. Black and white, dark and light. All colours and none. None there, all here. What are we left with? None. That's quite black, and refuted - it says here -by the beautiful light that is Idris I'veforgottenverymuchunderabushel. Take it away, and don't bring it back, Idris I'veforgottenverymuchunderabushel!:-

Is doubt in mind Self-contradiction?
Is sceptic sure, if sure's a fiction?
Now lay you down and play with me
And see the magic in the diction

In words drown I, in words alas!
Drown I, in words drown I
And vice versa, thus we've learned
That only contrast be discerned

Let's write a word, we'll call ideal
Is in-between the letters real?
We see the space, takes time as well
Now cut and paste to make the spell

-To poco-scribes and pedants slow
And all who ought to better know
Concede the next twixt me and you
Need only at the net be true -

The sentences of minds and men
Are underwrit by logic's pen
And solipsism, Self same set
If true would read inhocernet

Dear Time hath flown from golden throne
In more than metaphor hath shown
We read these lines before and after
If wonder asked then answered laughter

REJ:- Beth? Palin-what? Is that some kind of Alaskan camel? Backwards?! Wel, you'd know - talking the language of heaven. No it's not. English is quite straightforward -

II:- I didn't say a word.