Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Reification of Poincare, The deification of Wigner

The commander of Maths
So glowered at his page
That 1 = one
Was the scourge of the age

And whispers though true
That 2 = two
Were a most matheverbical
Synonym too

If symbols meant numbers
And numbers meant words
Then much could be written
Of summing absurds

That x=x, and you=you
And infinite proofs tautological through
Is only where Spacetimes
Hold logic as true.

REJ:- I understood none of that -

Dr.B:- The 'miracle we neither understand or deserve' is merely the ultimate circularity of empiricism within spacetime expressed. Relativity and QED will never be unified.


  1. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Poetry in Describing Love

    A Mr. Wigner penned a pome
    As bemused preface to a tome
    Astounded how the words he writ
    So well described his tale in it.
    How strange that words, along with signs,
    Portray the way our world aligns.
    Eyes, I have two.
    Yes, what a twist!
    Look, two’s a number on the list!
    How weird when one has eyes to see,
    That sums fit one’s reality.
    And odd, a sonnet draws my woe
    Since it was thought up long ago.
    Unfeasibly, verse scans Love’s plan.
    How queer a season’s like a man.
    A gift we cannot understand,
    No more deserve than breast or hand.
    What miracle! Thus it must be
    That Love is made from poetry.