Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Last Word

I loved you there now love me back
The last word is command of language
Love and shine and you'll be thine
See one above I changed the rhyme
I use the rhythm
You see I've been the heaven-taught
Then beaten Hume with ought from nought
I see the sun and how it Burns
I recognised that's how it learns
I melted as the Icarus
I waxed the magic abacus
You've seen the ploughman in the plough
You'll see I steal from Keats next now
Just whoosh and shoosh to feel his wow
The brightest star fell first that's how
You see it isn't very hard
To bendigeidfran steal the bard
He tried so hard to hug the world
To be or not then it unfurled
But really he just went and swirled
Became the scatatonic curled
You see the writer never writ
Fitzgerald did it in a fit
You see I've unrepeated wit
You sometimes hate your self you see
To save your own humanity
You hang your self upon the cross
To shrive you from your albatross
But that was numb who gave the toss?
I'll tell you who twas you and me
Must love each other ever free
You see the numbers in the word
And only number feelers heard
Put you and thou and we get thine
You see now what it means to shine
What waves the water makes the sea
We sail upon eternity
I give it us in 1:1
The truth that words is numbers gone
It looks like every kind of madness
Has claimed complete my error sadness

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