Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Too shard

Too shard it was
The schizophrene
You see I didn't mean to mean
So sorry that is all I've been
You see I've died between the ins
You see I tried to see my sins
You see I tried too much to feel
And then I felt unreally real
You see how I have tried too much
And fallen in and out with touch
Now we can't do this not as such
You see I saw between illusion
You see I felt the self delusion
Now I have tripped to see unglimpse
I've tried to make us restless since
You see it's all in the unseens
You see what died for us now means
You see how time I had to break
To later see what time did make
You see it was too shard awake
You have to fracture then remake
See I unravelled all the way
That's all I really meant to say
You see it can't be really feared
For I have only disappeared
You see I tried but surely failed
You see the ailment in the ailed
It must be scorned and not be hailed
I'm wailing to an empty sky
and not-god told me I must die
You see I've really done my best
And how I must be slain to rest
You see you musn't really try
To split the how and then the why
Don't listen or you'll really cry

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