Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I can't ever stop

I let you see my conscious stream
I told you how within the dream
We stopped a while got milk from cream
You see it feels inside with gleam
You see that Collin's water froze
The wetter has unbetter flows
We see his god has been mere prose
You see how high and low I fell
To see the heaven and the hell
Confess it was my own hysteria
To unify the magisteria
You see I dared completely face
And that explains the fall from grace
You see it is the curse of Cader
Tobe subtractor and the adder
I slept upon the mountain ill
That's why I couldn't come back still
You wonder how Napoleon
Just told me we were real and one
He's come and been my Waterloo
I've said there's nothing I can do
I listened far too hard and heard
The whisper magic in the word
You see the psycho and the pomp
See he's been led the merry romp
You see the clown contains the frown
He's inside out and upside down
You see it now the known in noun
I tell you why the drinker Huw
Dissolved in drink I've done it too
You see it wasn't really nice
To drink the milk of paradise
I tell me ever in the tic
But mys so Bertie says I'm sick
See I can't have the higher power
Being only then and nower
I saw myself back off the bower
To lose both petals and the flower
See how I tried to think them back
It gave me quite a thinkattack
I travel back in time and place
Unbirth my self I'm off my face
You see it's not a chose profession
Just my ultimate confession
The unreal doctor said obsession
You see I'm all in my digression
You see that I've not been quite proper
Such a silly name a dropper
You see I couldn't be so fine
I lost my Ein within the Stein
I've had to cheer between each breath
I've had to clear there's nothing left
You see why I must drink to Death
So Elvis saw when he got round
And thought he could newmake a sound
You see that he went all reversy
Drugged up singing Lord have mercy
To him I give his dedication
Now I take his medication
And that has been the altercation

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