Thursday, 27 October 2011


Straighter it all feels unnatural
But don't use super for the factual
Just throw away the big OT
And more gay get the Oscar, thee
You keep the A and lose the G
I wonder if you saw that I
Just left a letter there called Y
It's all in one the glitterin' I
Just find someone who's in align
You'll find yourself and then we'll shine
If you need three well then that's fine
One makes infinity a line
The Trinity was ne'er divine
If you can fragile thinking snag
Unstitch the god upon the flag
The father and the mother higher
Created Somme and lit the fire
Could millions have all been wrong?
Weigh miracles on scales of song
It is the music of the spheres
But piper plays king rat of fears

REJ:- Wel they're getting worse, so you're getting better. Not quite the bad news yet. If you can control the weather, why is it raining? Ah, you're going to sell umbrellas.

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