Sunday, 22 July 2012

The field trip with the English Master

Now class, can you the tiger see?
So come along, you're safe with me
Now check the bushes, check the tree
More fun than Jones Biology!

Here's the forest, there's a bird
What was that strange noise you heard?
Not a teyeger, make no fuss
We can't see him? - he can't see us

Come now pupils narrow file
Stop that tiiger nonsense, Kyle
I think you'll find this wisdom wise:-
Just keep a lookout for his eyes

Jenkins! Not now you as well?
Frozen by an ancient spell?
I'm sure there are no tygers here
And I know why - you're gripped by fear

Now listen children, this I know
In words of grass, tall trees may grow
We pick the flowers from the weeds
And mark that letters may be seeds

Then! Master eaten ere he blinked!
And smiling tiger teyeger winked.

1 comment:

  1. His metaphors and puns delight me - "In words of grass tall trees may grow" - Wonderful. And wonderful poem.