Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Poem for the day

Wel it's 8:42 yesterday, and Idris possibly ap Prytherch has found out my new address. I hadn't moved, but it was a double bluff that failed. A quadruple bluff really, but I simplified. All maths is extending tautologies of x=x. How could it be otherwise? That is what a proof is. Nawrte, I can't remember if Sioned's still here or not - someone else should do the continuity - anyway if she were, I doubt she would have much of interest to say....

Hmmm....I said 'I doubt she would have much of interest to say'....

....Wel, it looks like she must have -

*Oooof!* *Sosban!* *Oooof!* -

Sioned:- All in the timing -

Iap:- O diar! I'll away if my timing's bad -

REJ:- I'd worry about the rhyming more -

Iap:- Does it hurt? -

REJ:- You've no idea -

Iap:- *Cough!*

If you don't like A-G-W
Then you just do A-G-C
Gaia's dead, the thermostat
So belongs to you and me

*expression of a confused snail*

REJ:- Why are you still here? -

Iap:- I'm contemplating. Strolling wistfully Vienna-wards due to adverse winds -

REJ:- Wel, look W's got 3 syllables, C's only 1. You fell at the first -

Iap:- Another age must be my judge -

REJ:- No, I think we can count in this age already -

Iap:- I was going for 'Wuh' -

REJ:- Wel, why did you write 'Double U' then? I mean 'debble yew'? -

Iap:- I didn't know how to spell it -

REJ:- Looks more like two V's to me anyway -

Iap:- Vv? -

REJ:- vV? -

Sioned:- VVhy me?

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