Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Strange Case of Dr.Bendi and the fuel-less uphill train. Part the first, of infinite. (The practical of creation of energy)

See my little crossbows

Firing in a row

And each one pulls the next one's string

So on and on they go

Dr.B:- You appear to have resurrected -

Dr.B:- They appear to require a 'hint'. It has been 2 years -

Dr.B:- Is that the right word for QED? -

Dr.B:- They'll ask for QED-er, believe me -

Dr.B:- Perhaps you shouldn't write in metaphor -

Dr.B:- I can make metaphor real -

Dr.B:- Try the re-establishment of Paradise Lost -

Dr.B:- Indeed. Nawrte, do you often see fuel-less trains rolling uphill? Getting less tired? And not stopping at the top? -

Dr.B:- If I ever did, I would consult my metaphysician -

Dr.B:- No, I don't believe you would. I think you'd post-hoc an automated response instead -

Dr.B:- Wel, if you can read my mind -

Dr.B:- It's not as well written as you think. In fact it is. There are better authors -

Dr.B:- What shape am I thinking of? -

Dr.B:- A circle. -

Dr.B:- Wrong! It was a mobiusdodecahedron -

Dr.B:- Yes wel, it doesn't work with schizophrenics. Before that, you were thinking equalbutopposite means there's a force the other way that will stop it. As if there wasn't a 3rd way -

Dr.B:- Actually I was thinking that there is no life in the universe, only naturally occurring machinery, some with stop-go animated virtual selves. That, and section 3 of the mental health act -

Dr.B:- Don't worry until you see two doctors at the same time -

Dr.B:- ?!

Dr.B:- Have you ever noticed, humans think in 2D. In 1 plane. In cross-section? Thus the syntax of sentences. Thus the 2 side equation. Thus all the false projections of fundamental physics. -

Dr.B:- It's as if thought is ultimately binary -

Dr.B:- And all extant philosophical quandaries merely binary propositions in search of fractional truth -

Dr.B:- Just do the train thing -

Dr.B:- We remember that, after a mere few millennia, Mr.Halbach noticed you could augment all on one side. Of one plane -

Dr.B:- I'll take your word for it -

Dr.B:- It's not a secret. Any force can be fabricated via constructive/destructive interference. Apart from infinite. -

Dr.B:- Hurry up, I'm getting bored -

Dr.B:- Wel, like a human, he forgot a dimension. There is in and out as well. I have merely augmented 'relative net right in cross-section'. >1 pushes fore-and-out vs 1 push back. And >1>1. A 3D equation, repeatedly solved in realtime, calcs by reality. I think you'll find that so -

Dr.B:- So each array augments the next? Unlike the destructive interference one may be amused by on the ninternet? It augments, it doesn't cancel to balance -

Dr.B:- Perceptional delusions are forgiveable. Except when pointed out. Anyone who can see segmentation in a rainbow, can see it can't be there. The wavelengths spread on a perfectly smooth gradient, yet discrete segments flip in the mind. There are no lines in reality -

Dr.B:- A projection of the self-delusion -

Dr.B:- The image of God indeed. Bees have this too, and that is why flowers are pretty -

Dr.B:- So it's merely a repeating asymmetry in cross-section? A trick of geometry, simple enough for a planet to understand? -

Dr.B:- I wonder why -

Dr.B:- You don't. Why are you talking to yourself btw? -

Dr.B:- Peer review is unavailable to genius.


  1. Nice to see you still kicking, Dr B.

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  3. Actually always relative net equal opposite. The correct answer is much prettier.