Monday, 11 October 2010

Poem for the day

Sigh. Today's poem is by Dilwyn ap Gwynedd of sleepy racist mid-wales town, Machynlleth. Dilwyn ap Gwynedd sports a tatty beard and individual beret, and has not worked for forty years or ever. Yet he is an expert in economics and wealth creation! Take it away, Dilwyn ap Gwynedd! -

DaG:- *cough* -

'Laissez-faire, laissez-faire,
Doesn't happen anywhere -
All bucked and rigged hypocrisy
So far the meritocracy.

Free marketeers - such quaint ideas!
Your faith delights and tickles
Throughout the land, Smith's hidden hand
Is not there, neither trickles.

Now watch the cake, the workers make,
Consider your net slice.
Are you a whore, and taking more? -
A quick glance will suffice!

Not hard to learn, the slip says 'earn',
The word means what you're paid.
But is it fine? the bottom line?
Or more than what you made?

The dismal art, gosh it's so hard!
And better left to others!
Not yet complete, we must compete!
Lest we become as brothers.'

REJ:- Very nice, Dilwyn. But I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that! - er...cake slice taken....minus iced buns given back....ingredients created....recipe candles....invisible decorations....serving facilitation....sink!...what about your crumbs?! - and you've baked nothing! -

DaG:- Let's pool our resources! -

REJ:- No thanks, you've got fuck all -

DaG:- Lend us a fiver! -

REJ:- Piss off.

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