Tuesday, 4 September 2012


A great sage had once asked wasn't the garden beautiful enough without having to believe there were fairies at the bottom of it. So much for great sages. Onions were better. An onion wouldn't have asked that. The garden was horrific, and the sage had then gone on to make up rather a lot of fairies.

Fairies danced on pins. Adam Smith had seen a pin factory, but by an accident of timing, - as so many lives - had missed the Industrial Revolution. He liked specialisation, and the masses had specialised into poverty. He left distribution to the invisible. He then committed the fallacy of composition before worse - decomposition. Pre- wind turbines, he was unable to renew. Ricardo had been French, and never recovered. Malthus had been depressed, or sinister, and had not foreseen Bill Gates' population control. Marx had a beard and was inadequate at sums, even though no sum is greater than the sum of its sums, and the longest could be done the shortest, in steps. Keynes had meant well, but was too counter-intuitive. Hayek was evil. None could do ethics. None until B.. The calculations were incomplete without ethics, which had an economic value. And did Fantasia make money? No, yes. The answer was when. One had to master Time to see. Time, and the black box of humanity.

Arbeit macht frei, yes, but not frei from arbeit. What was the point of being frei, if you had to arbeit? In the New System, full unemployment was the goal. The abolition of unearned incomes was best achieved by making all incomes unearned, and then forgetting about the abolition. Apart from rents. The greatness of a nation was determined by its poorest member. That was the measure. No great nation had slaves, or bought the products of slavery elsewhere. There had been no great nations. But one was about to be. About to be born. Its borders would be the very atmosphere. The sky was the limit. This was the true meaning of globalisation. The birthing was imminent. That was, of course, if B. could defeat the troika, and its master abortionist, agent no. 1.

Agent no. 1 was crushing open source - legally, illegally - the law didn't matter. But it was worse than that.

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  1. You've indone yourself with this one Jones. Utopian. Dystopian. Slice through the layers and weep. He knows his onions.