Thursday, 22 December 2016

Poem for the day

Spring up, fair Arab! Heed the call,
The Autumn tweets the Tyrant's fall,
The Summer Sun sets in the West,
And Eastern Winter lays to rest
Thy leaves upon a crimson sand,
Thy scattered seeds by holy hand,
Know that thou suffered but in vain!
As poppies hang in daisy chain
Around the neck of Human, See!
The planting of thy future Tree.
Two blooms upon a desart land
May grow sincerest creed
That each themselves a flower Grand
And each the other weed
Yet all grow under the same Sun
And grew from the same Seed.


  1. Best post and writer on the internet. Should be read again and again. Wondrous

  2. Yes that was two stitched together. In which case better would be 'sprang' from the same seed.