Thursday, 4 February 2010

Croeso nol i fi

Good evening da to pawb! I have been away yes indeed, on a holiday tour of the United America of States no less. Sioned is a bit cross with me as I had said I was only popping out to Mair's for some milk - but Duw! it's a bigger country than I thought. The milk excuse worked tidylovely for the 1976 trip to Parc des princes - 19-13 the boys won the Grand Slam - and 7 days later my blodyn was very happy to see me back - though I hadn't brought the milk - Glyn the fags the radiographer had dropped that off you see, very kind although he spilt some on the sofa, and Sioned had got through the entire backlog of my underpant washing after only 5 days, and her nails were already regrowing. If Dai televison hadn't said about the match being in the Arms park I would still have both retinas attached. Two months though is 'pushing it' I am respectfully informed from the base of a sosban. Dim problem - I didn't get to my age without knowing a thing or two about the Venutian mind! A short excursion to Synod Inn and the all-night garage for some Terry's all gold and a handy windscreen ice-scraper, and good relations will be restored. But enough of romance! I have tales to tell and stories to recount and anecdotes to detain and the electric type-poster!


  1. S'Mae Dai Bach!

    Innit amazing what us Premier atheists post in their spare time. Laughed I did. I tell you its bloody funny!

    Stevie the Scientist

  2. Shwmae Stevie! Croeso cynnes i Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn! I'm glad you can see the funny side of it all. Sioned's sense of humour is not what it might be - she's no Max Boyce that's for sure, no indeed.