Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Song for the day.

'There are gold ships and there are silver ships, but the best ships are professorships'. So said once the chairless tired man. 'But could he not have sat upon the ground, or a resting hog?' I hear you ask. Well we shall never know, because the ground keeps it's secrets close to it's chest, like Meinir Thomas for minutes after darts down the legion, and a resting hog should never be disturbed - a local by-law in Abercreuddyn as it happens, after the unfortunate hi-jinks of the Llanfihangel-yr-arth young farmer's barn dance and would-be improvised hog-roast. Basted lovely it was.

But as ever and always, I concern myself only with matters of consequence. If this mirror I see before me is to be believed, then I am here once more in person, albeit with the top of my head missing. And scratching the ear that isn't itching for some reason. Behind my auricular protuberance though, the itchy one....no wait! - the other one...that's it! is my special invitee of today that is the songsmith Jimmy 'smiler' Jones. And if I turn around quickly enough....Iesu mawr! indeed it is himself correctly orientated.

REJ:- Jimmy 'smiler' Jones! You have a song for us rwy'n credu.

JSJ:- It's rather more than a song, Richard. It's a philosophy. It's a -

REJ:- Tidy lovely! Let's be having it then! Spark up the vuvuzela!

JSJ:- I won't be doing the tune Richard, because you don't know how to upload audio files.

REJ:- Perhaps I do know Jimmy, perhaps I just don't want to...perhaps -

JSJ:- Do you know?

REJ:- Let's be having a text-song then! A good old-fashioned text-song around the compiwter! Just like mam used to type. You tell us what it would have sounded like.

JSJ:- Well I'm told I sound like the love-child of Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash. And the tune has been called 'poignant-mournful'. And it looks like it doesn't scan, but I do that thing like that other singer I've forgotten does whereby he squeezes-more-words-into-a-long-line-but-it-seems-to-work-somehow. And -

REJ:- SIONED! - the trapdoor's stuck again! Sorry Jimmy - don't mind me...you carry on g'boy...SIONED! can you fetch me the olew plis?

JSJ:- Sigh.

REJ:- Oooh! the sigh of Jeff Buckley at the start of Hallelujah! - keep going! -

JSJ:- 'Everywhere you ever go...you'll always hear the sound....of children crying...
No matter if there's no more war...or plague or famine....we're all still dying....
And everything you ever do or did or ever could be done....will one day all be gone...
And so the Earth, the moon the stars at night, the Sun...

Now everyone you've ever met or ever will... is dying too....
Immortality it seems...is quite a tricky thing to do...
And even if they find it you can bet your life...it's not for me and you...
Now hold me close...take a deep breath...look in my eyes....there's nothing we can do.'

'But worse than this the horror of...AAAAAAAAAARGRHHGHRGRHGGHHH!!!

REJ:- Da iawn Sioned! I told you to keep it oiled. Well-oiled as the Parch I said isn't it wasn't it

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