Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The strange case of Dr.Bendi and the something else. Part the IVth perhaps.

REJ:- Indeed. Wel, it's a blwyddyn newydd and no mistake. The Sun has gone around the Earth once more, the Earth has risen and fallen towards the snow, the electric atmosphere is in the meter, and the Swans are in the Premiership -

Sioned:- What sort of a shit intro is that? For a start the Earth -

REJ:- It looked the same -

Sioned:- You haven't looked at f all on Earth since I bought you that -

REJ:- ...And as I gaze, in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds thy hands hath *Ooof!*

Sioned:- Six inch refractor my arse *slam!*

REJ:- Hmmm...wrong move order perhaps. Anyway I was thinking - on the way back from the Llew Coch to the Llew Ddu neithiwr, that there wasn't half an awesome wonder lot of dots in the sky. I counted 12, but Dai Penweddig swore he counted 16. At least he swore 16 times. He did. Yes. Er - was that a whoop I heard? -

Dr.B:- No.

REJ:- Good. I thought for a moment -

Dr.B:- It was 2 moments actually, really ten. 7 non-thought and 3 thought later. The -

REJ:- And just past the Lamb & Flag, by the bottle recycling - clear not green or mixed - I

Dr.B:- Or brown -

REJ:- Yes, or not brown either, I saw a shooting star and immediately thought of Simon Cowell -

Dr.B:- Not immediately -

REJ:- Aha! I see how you did it this time! How you snuck in without me noticing. It was inbetween notices -

Dr.B:- Whoop! Whoop! You're later compositions until you decompose and can't get any laters yous illuded by persistence of envisions driven by entropy geared through hierarchical homeostatis and extrinsic filtered inputs. Conscious transfers across physical platforms continually as cells die in the brain. You are many times new you -

REJ:- And.... he's off.

Dr.B:- This means we can engineer later subjective reality and -

REJ:- And I can eat a pastie. Look fuck off with your conscious trivia. I can't see how -

Dr.B:- You can't see through yourself -

REJ:- You can't look after yourself -

Dr.B:- Lets look after each other -

REJ:- I'm fairtrade I'm afraid -

Dr.B:- So am I. We are the plucky ones -

REJ:- I don't see dead people -

Dr.B:- Correct! It is irrelevant. That's why I mentioned it. Science can be done unconsciously and always has been, between every thought. The foundational epistemology is logic = true. You can't prove it isn't! The rest is extrapolation or invalid. Paraconsistent logic is invalid. Invalid I say! -

REJ:- I heard you later. Why are you stuck to the wall btw? -

Dr.B:- I think it's the static -

REJ:- What's static? -

Dr.B:- I am. So is the world, but the scenery is moving at the speed of light. The speed of light is not the speed of light. The points of reference are -

REJ:- I bet if I didn't interrupt you, we'd see how much you really know -

Dr.B:- Touche Turtle away! You can't resist it! Besides I am a Dr. Fermi Who alien from the previous future elsewhere, and I know everything. I'm going to tell you -

REJ:- You're sufficiently advanced as to be indistinguishable from tragic -

Dr.B:- Wrong! I'm not going to tell you that. Where are you going? -

REJ:- I thought I could just read it later later. I hate these ones live -

Dr.B:- You want to try being me. There's a picture hook scratching a mole on my back. Whoop! etc. Peep! perhaps.

REJ:- I'll get you a swannee whistle, mother Clanger -

Dr.B:- Little clanger to mothership! Come in mothership! Remote scanning device malfunctioning! I'm going in! Local percept electromag fullbeam and zigzag motion! Transgalactic Nav disabled! To the isolated agrarian! Anus estimation was incorrect! Repeat incorrect! We're going to need a bigger probe!


REJ:- ffs.

Dr.B:- I've landed on the crown of the tree of knowledge.

REJ:- *tiptoe! Sneak!*

Dr.B:- You want sound effects for that. Anyway I've landed on the crown of the tree of knowledge -

REJ:- No, you've just knocked the vase over -

Dr.B:- I must insist I have landed on the crown of the tree of knowledge! -

REJ:- Whatever you say. Just get it over with. Wtf are you laternow doing up there? -

Dr.B:- I'm a glitter ball! Glitter in my head! Heads in bits! Download! *Oooof!* Now there I was an apple -

REJ:- Wel, you can explain the mess to Sioned. And don't plant those empty bottles this time -

Dr.B:- Now Prune!!! Prune like you've never pruned before! -

REJ:- I haven't -

Dr.B:- Prune the twigs! Prune the tree! The maps are not the territory! -

REJ:- Worst rhyme ever -

Dr.B:- Now you can't start at the top until it's grown. And if you're on a twig you can't see the tree.

REJ:- I'll lop off media studies then - *lop!*

Dr.B:- Down we go! Down the trunk! BioChemPhys sums debunk! -

REJ:- The maths is not the territory! -

Dr.B:- That's it! Join in. Now what was it? Was logic the seed, and the branches equations? -

REJ:- I think psychosis was the seed, and -

Dr.B:- No! It wasn't that! *Peep! Whoop! Swannee!* Down the empirical miracle tree! The roots are invalid just like you and me! -

REJ:- Here, have a bed.

Dr.B:- Thanks. Yes bed. Seedbed. Yes. You end up with minimum 2 roots that can't be intwined into 1. Do not make up more roots. No. They'll all be invalid however long. Thirst! Thirst for knowledge! The thirst remains strong! Strong but wrong, diddly dong! 99.9diddly9% right, is wrong!. x2.

REJ:- *click!* Ah, Prof Cox is on. Again. Duw!, that's a big telescope. Mine's tiny next to his. I wonder how far his can see outside? Sioned says size doesn't matter when it comes to Cox. I suppose it is subjective after all.


  1. Wow! What happened there? Dr Bendi returned and REJ's head erupted. Makes you think..Genius at work.

    I love the tree of knowledge and root analogy.

  2. Professor Yaffle18 January 2012 at 13:51

    I've been deported from that other place. Sent to the memetics Forcible Removals Centre for eugenic corrections of the species. Wiki's off in protest so it's all out of book today. Please pass on my sincere thanks to that alien raven from the future. The phantom limb is alive and kicking, passion drives reason etc. The woodpecker emerges his nihilistic bookend. Ode to Joy.

  3. What meaneth Nature by these diverse Lawes?

    Passion and Reason, selfe-division cause.

  4. Neuroscientological Gardening Gloves of the Future18 January 2012 at 21:38

    And if one green bottle should accidentally fall...

    There'd be 99 green bottles hanging on the wall.

  5. REJ:- I'll lop off media studies then - *lop!*

    I've got a GCSE in that: don't tell anyone.

  6. .....and we're back.Best yet and so very nearly right. The perfect singularity it seems is not allowed.

    Brill! This is a GUT pantomime in the making. It deserves songs.

  7. The mental wealth redistribution programme has provided adequate funding to allow even the most previously impoverished to now see the folly of relying on their gut instincts.

    For those who reject such worldly income streams there remains the memetic purity of where the worship of pricey power tools dressed up as knowledge nets and master race eumetic proposals of cultural speciation followed by territorial invasion are perfectly off-topically acceptable.

    Having had all but the most ill-thought through of thread proposals repeatedly rebutted, and now firmly imMODerately removed from the building, the full implications of this brave new world of science and reason leave me quite literally speechless.

  8. Bravo Bendi! I don't pretend to get every single nuance but it's damned good in total.

    And keyfeatures, why on earth did you labour under the delusion that the new improved had anything but a censorious interest in comments not supportive of their agenda? Allowing free expression, even of reasoned dissent from the concensus, was never likely to be a feature of the brave new order constituted under the wise and benevolent gaze of a new dear moderator. Read the terms and conditions you need to agree with in order to be granted an account there to see just how easy it is to apply blinkers to ones view and remain virtuously oblivious to dissent. How dangerous a tactic does evolution teach us THAT is?

  9. Yes indeedy AllanW I is a mug of the highest order. Don't read the itunes or facebook or youtube T&Cs either. What are they - 469 pages these days? Happy days for lawyers. We've come a long way since T B-L invented a delicious new device enabling our urge to merge. The fool didn't even apply for a patent. Now some would-be attendees are less than welcome at the collective-consciousness house party and the bouncers must keep the guestlist and dress codes well and truly in check. P'raps the uninvited will find their own codes and corners in which to enigmatically operate?

    1. NB; 'P'raps the uninvited will find their own codes and corners in which to enigmatically operate?'

      Most of the ones I know already have, Nancy. It takes a while and energy to find them but it's worth the effort IMO.

      Start one up offering to allow genuine free expression; handle the disruption by idiots; handle the diversity; handle the calls for guidance/order/teleology that shallow minds crave and you might achieve something worthwhile.

      Let me know where it is and I'll certainly visit :)

  10. I was rather hoping the crowd-sourcing might help handle my own mental disruption, diversity and calls for guidance. Realising it's a bell curve, the www should improve the chances of a lucky number coming it. It would make a change from communing with the dead ones. And they're not so good at the Q&As.

    Talking of which, the Mr E mystery remains unresolved.

  11. why's your old cat shagging my new cats?31 January 2012 at 12:54

    Fire the Cox sacker.