Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Poem for the day

REJ:- Bore da. eto. etc. Wel, in the immortal words of that grocer's daughter, Rejoice! for Idris has blessed us again with a metrical offering that could surely melt the face of Simon Weston, and well-meaning penguin rescuers everywhere. Unfortunately, most of Simon's butties committed suicide after victory, and couldn't be with us to celebrate the necrotic banshee's incontinent descent into whimpering terror. But are there ever underlying economic causes of conflict? It's a transparently trivial question. But let's pretend it isn't, as Idris ap whoeverhewas has found a copy of Brewer's phrase and fable, and is pretending to have studied the classics like our new foreign secretary...

In the bosom of the Nile
With an enigmatic smile
Beckoned Pharoah's unseen hand
Promising the Promised Land

Pyramids of Golden Grain
Threshed and flailed the mark of Cain
Written red in Giza's womb
Built upon the living tomb

Plague upon included middle!
Sphinx within, without the riddle
Melting pot or boiling kettle?
Far the strains of Nero's fiddle
Poison asp of Cleopatra
Bit the currency made flesh
Grew the many-headed hydra
Wove the sticky spider's mesh
Drew the thread of Theseus closer
Then the closer mirror saw!
Not the Promised Land of Moses
But the mighty Minotaur!

Furies rent the plates tectonic
Weighted coin of binary
As the double-headed Janus
Counterfeit the lock and key
Sharply grew the wealth of nations
Piled upon the nation's poor
High upon the needle Caesar
Looked abroad to conquer more
Mined the flesh of Atlas buckling
From the bowels of Hades forge
Rose the man of iron chuckling
Lava smile of Satan! Gorge!

Hush! the night stalk hiding reaper
Silent glides amongst the corn
And the granary grows steeper
Hoards in vain for life reborn

All the while the eye was staring
Lonely on the monster isle
Twixt the hemispheres cross-sharing
Crying at the Furies bile

East meets West in eye of Cyclops
See the diamond beams divine!
Lift the clouded veil of Isis
Cut the gems eternal shine!

By the geometry of Euclid
Shape the world the Prophet saw
Tame the seasons, flood the delta!
Eden, Rise! on Israel's shore!

REJ:- So that's what you did when you were 'writing your cv' is it? I know! I know! Don't tell me! - you're going to do it properly later -

IaW:- Macroeconomics ends with the opening of the dam with the global lever.

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  1. Better than any CV and it'll last much much longer. For ever.