Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Poem for the day:- In which Mr Blake has an earthly vision

Mock on! Mock on! Samaritan Gates
Reave on; Time sees your hideous game
You throw the crumbs against the tide
And the tide returns to curse your name

And every grain becomes a spear
Grown in the richer shore
That scythes and flails you to manure
The future lands of honest chore

As landlord racks a house once built
Or writer fiend thrice paid
Accounts be settled judgement guilt
Upon the tombs net takers laid

Thy tendrils thirst beyond the grave
And suck the marrow plenty
A man would feed one to applause
While starve another twenty

The Hydra grows another head
Ephemeral to fall
The Gorgon sees by time and tide
The mirror picture all

Thy reaper sowed for harvest gnaw!
The ledger on your bone
The world the less as you the more
Be petrified in stone

1 comment:

  1. The golden rule comes naturally to children but is often unlearnt in adulthood, relying as it does on the feels. If you have the feels, you don't need the rules and if you don't you won't keep to the rules. I blame the hormones. Again. Never did understand ethics as a subject. All leopards and spots.