Sunday, 5 August 2012

Poeyum for the day

Down from castle, by the sea
Four white horses beckoned me

First was wild empyreal rage
Fire thundered lightning scribed the page
As genie cork'd and swaddling curled
By breaker crashed this vessel world

Second spelled times lettered lands
Scratched in scratched out illumined hands
As rocks to sands by water gives
And takes by tides and mortal sieves

Third bade dance among the shoal
There in her eyes I saw a foal
Reflect a life and death so near
As fell and drowned within the tear

Last was master of the team
The gadsman ere brought moon to beam
Crack whipped the swirl of stars to be
My friend, my foe, eternity

As each a wave, a water, sea
The chariot made as one, as me


  1. What a lovely start to Sunday...

  2. As lines convey the saline drip
    With certain roll to trembling lip
    This mortal tastes immortal salt -
    The Poet is but Nature's fault.

    It's lovely.