Thursday, 16 February 2012


Poor Stavros can't pay for his goat. But Angela has a cunning plan. He can pay later in feta cheese. There is only one condition. First he must starve the goat.

7% lighter last quarter, a slightly confused bought-and-sold into slavery, 'Ninnyos' was not pleased to hear of a further reduction in rations. 'Fuck this, I'm going to start butting people in a minute, like some kind of economic determinist fool. Everyone will be enormously surprised, and then start eating each other. I'll have their shirts' she added quizzically.

Global agricultural speculator, Mr. Apparently Invisible hands, was overheard wanking yesterday. 'Guess what? I've got more money than one Sovereign, somehow, and I've put it all on the goat snuffing it!'. He then started convulsing and some dribble escaped. 'They've asked me to advise them!!! They're all going down like dominoes, and I win everytime!' he ejaculated.

A rich person in a palace, wearing a silly hat, called for law and order. 'God's position on goat-butting is quite clear' he bearded. 'I've just asked Him, and He says He doesn't like it. Would you like some cheese off a gold plate btw? I seem to have rather a lot. Somehow. I think it's Sheeple. They're quite easy to milk, you just need a crook. Oooh! I can feel my belt tightening.' 'Baaaaaa!' etc.


  1. Love it! "They're quite easy to milk.."

  2. Ferrero Rott-Childe alien merchant wanker of the future16 February 2012 at 10:40

    That al-Soured ancestor thunked he was everso clever becoming owner of so many stars by virtue thinking of it first. But I own the future stars. Thunking of it even before that. Now borrow them back and sell me your unborn children, plenty more where they came from. It's child splay. I'll show you resource scarcity...

  3. Perfect! Chicago school/freshwater economics is to the end of the last century what national socialism was to its middle. And while you can fool some of the people all of the time and many of the people sometimes, there are some who you can't fool at all and eventually they'll convince enough of the non-Sheeple that things need to change away from horror.

    Bravo on this!