Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Why E =/ mc²

On a journey of thought, each must alight at his stop...

REJ:- Wel. Apparently I have to find a job. I think Sioned said it was to pay for the building. Although to me it looks like the building is already builded, and there is no actual building going on to be paid for. Now when Marx was first confused by Hegel -

Sioned:- I am here you know -

REJ:- No cariad! It doesn't look big at all! And in fairness, chwarae teg, it is quite a small room...

Sioned:- *Sosban! *

REJ:- *Ooof! * Iesu mawr ofnadwy diawl yffern!* *etc *

Sioned:- 3 hours choosing this! I don't know why I bother! *slam! *

REJ:- Yes please!, two sugars. Have one yourself. Oooh! Where's she gone? Never mind. I made my own yesterday, and not much went wrong. Let's see......nawrte boys.....must skip the rygby.....dim ond 15 pages..... aha! The classifieds. 'Wanted:- Niwclear scientist. Must like sand. Fully funded pension pot...' Hmmm....Wel I did visit Trawsfynydd that time....Oooh! What's this? 'Wanted:- Motorcycle dispatch rider. Must like sand. Yiddish speaker preferred'. Wel, how silly. Binary is the language of heaven. Wel, I tried. Helo! Who's this?! -

AE:- Zer ist nicht ein magic maus! -

REJ:- Wel, that's good to know -

AE:- Aber mein pet scanner machen gut. Ich bin positive about that -

REJ:- A pet is for life, not just for brecwast. I'm an electron multiplier -

AE:- Undt zehr vell behaved zey are too. Ich bin machened kaput mit never solven it. Undt es ist annoyenning. Ich canst keinen resten! -

REJ:- ffs – you're half German, REJ -

AE:- Aber nicht zee sprechen bit -

REJ:- Wel, why don't you phone your mutti? -

AE:- Sie vill vollen zee fiver back -

REJ:- Good point -

AE:- Undt zee other fivers -

REJ:- That's enough of that, let's not get off on the wrong foot. Besides, I did a thought experiment and concluded she wouldn't like second-hand money. Anyway, you haven't made a proper entrance yet. You're supposed to make an entrance. And turn into an animal or something. Makes it clearer you see -

AE:- ? -

REJ:- Looks like I have to do everything. OK, you can be a magic maus. Irony sortofthing -

AE:- Eeeeek! -

REJ:- One that can speak, you banana. Otherwise it's not going to work at all -

AE:- Ich vollen ein cheese. Mit biscuits -

REJ:- Up the IQ ein bischen -

AE:- Iesu mawr! -

REJ:- A touch more -

AE:- Un funud fach cyn elo'r haul o'r wybren, un funud fwyn cyn delo'r hwyr i'w hynt, I gofio am y pethau anghofiedig -

REJ:- That'll do. Now switch back to Cherman. And stop nibbling my laces -

AE:- It Vas on ze tag of 29 may 1919, zat ich habered ze greatest momentum of mein life -

REJ:- You got picked for outside-half? -

AE:- Nein -

REJ:- You lost a pfenning and found a mark? -

AE:- Nein -

REJ:- Am I getting warm? -

AE:- Nein -

REJ:- You've just called the police on my smartphone -

AE:- Ich vill asken fur ambulance -

REJ:- Wel. That won't do any good, you should call the vet -

AE:- Zer vill be nicht any keinen more interuptionnens. Ich vas machen ze lookchen at ze eclipsennachtsky mit fingers crossed, ven zer it vas! Ze licht bendenning! Gott in himmel aber nicht mit spielen dice! Ich exclammenned. Ich vas right. Undt now sein Satnav machen gut. Undt zat bomben thingy. Undt -

REJ:- Iesu Mawr!

AE:- Up a touch -

REJ:- FlippenflappenVindscreenVappen! Feynman never signed that petition, you know -

AE:- Never machenminden. Ich vas going to machen sprecht undt 50 zillion other thingens -

REJ:- I'd love to see how this Googletranslates into Russian -

AE:- Ich thinken much zehr better -

REJ:- Wel. It looks like you were right then -

AE:- Ya!, ya!, everywhere except ver Ich vas wrong. Ze other 50 zillion thingens. Observationnens. Ich binned 99.9% right fur ein century. Aber Ich could nicht machen it fitzen mit ze others vot ver also sprach 99.9% right aber incompatible. Es ist annoyenning, like vot I sed -

REJ:- Vel, I mean wel, I wouldn't worry about it, Cox is on the job -

AE:- *Eeeeek! * *pop! *

REJ:- Hmmm,,,, One of the cats must have scared him. Helo? Who's this? -

DH:- Och. It's me. -

REJ:- So it is. Er -

DH:- Och. Etc. I telt youse, passion leads reason -

GhostofghostofAEinmouseform:- Die fatten fucker hast ein mirror! -

REJ:- Sense now boys! And ghosts of ghost-mice! Let's keep this friendly -

DH:- Ah'm here tae dae a wee bit about empirical doubt, and then a save, just tae clear things up -

REJ:- Will that take long? Only if my chair's not real, give me a wink first so I can stand up before you say it -

DH:-It might no be real, but then neither would the argument against it -

REJ:- I'm standing up, just in case. I feel like singing! Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i -

AE:- Nicht again! *pop! * -

DH:- My books are rightbuttrite boring, timorous beastie, so I'll just say empiricism is kosher -

AE:- Zat ist gut. It vill annoyen Verner. Aber varum are you hieren then? -

DH:- Ich – bollox! - Ah'm here to do that miracle thing -

AE:- Ich nichten believen sie -

DH:- Yes that one. Er....something about a spider in a cave....a wee one....

REJ:- Don't worry, no one reads them -

DH:- If Fatima throws a spear a million times, and a billion people claim she is a man, we should believe -

*click! *

REJ:- Diawl yffern! Sioned's back! If she heard that you're for it! Quick! Out the window! *Shove! * -

DH:- Och! But the door - *Splat! * -

REJ:- A mere aspect of geometry! er...or is it a wavicular wind from the Caspian Sea? -

Sioned:- Wel? Did you get a job? Let me guess -

REJ:- Ah, my little tip-tackling prop forward! You see it's like this. I was just about to get a job, when -

Sioned:- Emmanuel Jones! If you're going to say someone dead came through the catflap, changed into an animal, and stopped you doing what I asked – again – wel, don't bother! Seriously, don't bother -

REJ:- No Cariad! I wouldn't dream of it! You've got me all wrong! Nothing came through the catflap at all -

Sioned:- Wel, that's something I suppose -

REJ:- But under the sofa is the ghost of the ghost of the ghost of a magic mouse who is Einstein, and then Hume -

Sioned:- ?!*^!?!!

*Cutaway a la Hitchcock.....dog scrabbling at door * etc -

REJ:- *Implausible recovery! * Nope, definitely more Mars than Venus there -

Sioned:- If that didn't knock some sense into you, nothing will. *Slam! * etc -

REJ:- Come to think of it, I do feel a bit different actually. Sort of sharper -

EW:- Mathematics is unreasonably effective in the natural sciences. It is not at all natural that laws of nature exist, much less that man is able to discover them. The miracle of the appropriateness of the language of mathematics for the formulation of the laws of physics is a wonderful gift, which we neither understand or deserve. -

REJ:- *Cough! * …. *Ahem! I do feel strange * -

A crassly circular blunder, reminiscent of Cox et lhc al's non-objective datum projected singularity, accompanied by the usual embarrassing neotenous giggles, or of any fatuous fine-tuning fantasy of creationists of either ilk. You can't completely check one theory against fundamental reality from within it, since you lack an external calibrant. You can't have logic wrong, as statement or conclusion. Philosophy is complete with logic = true. The rest is extrapolation or invalid. When an observation is illogical, something is wrong, somewhere in the chain. Large numbers are but small numbers multiplied. Large numbers of observations are but small numbers of observations multiplied. Simplify by mere division. Remove all multiples and stand back from the shoulders of giants to see.

The number of components of an experiment does not affect validity. Since empirical theories are ultimately calibrated against one another – the only way – they can only distil to minimum two fundamental, eternally incompatible, yet both working higher up – since that's how they were distilled. The Scientific Method – guess, check – works all the way up to singular fundamental science, when you run out of anything to check against. It is difficult to fancy what they were expecting to see when they got there – all claim there is an end of the rainbow to be reached – but I'd expect fundamental theories incompatible, indivisible, and nonsense on dials.

Now who would deny a billion observations? The exponents of either fundamental theory would deny the other's. This is invalid. The experiment becomes valid only as a whole, with the emergent composite uber-observation. Manifold and mutually exclusive theories from the same, repeatable data = suspect data. The valid observation becomes the century of observations viewed in their entirety, root and branch. The valid conclusion is only latterly possible, once the tree of knowledge has grown.

We return to poor Wigner. Maths is a language like any other. Maths is accelerated words, nifty algorithms accelerated maths. Central to the surprise that fundamentally incorrect theories should work so well, and precipitate further successful condensate equations and functional technology and tests within reality absolute, is the mysterious obeisance of the universe to mathematics. The mystery evaporates on noticing that mathematics is but a language, it's mysterious law is logic, and this is presupposed in application such as in the universality of physics as an arbitrary axiom, alongside a plethora of exceptions we are told to similarly arbitrarily ignore where physics breaks down. Thus the descriptive and predictive power of mathematics is intrinsic to the application of the method. The surprise then reduces to the fact that science works. This is because science that doesn't work is discarded. Wigner is far from alone in being smitten by nothing.

EW:- *Pop! *

The point is which branches will bear further fruit, the point of learning how the magic works is to learn how to work the magic, the projection of mathematics to 'elsewhere' for unification is invalid and fruitless -

REJ:- Ah! It's little Ethan Emmanuel Jones bach! Wel, there's lovely isn't it? Give us a song boy! -

EEJ:- O'r gorau. *Twinkle twinkle, little star, how I wonder * -

REJ:- Oooh! Do that german one! For a friend of mine -

EEJ:- *Schlaft in himmlische ruhhhhh.....uhhhhhh, Schlaft in himmlische ruhhhhhhh * -

REJ:- Nos da, Albert, cysgu'n dawel.


  1. Stupendous mind - it's scary! Also hilarious, thoughtful, mad and genius all at once. As someone I know says about him, "he is awesome"!

  2. Master of Metaphysico-theologo-cosmolonigology9 February 2012 at 06:53

    There's no effect without a cause. The legs are visibly designed for stockings, accordingly we wear stockings.

    I cannot follow any word through its changes. I cannot follow any thought from present to past. We melt into each other with phrases. We are edged with mist. We make an unsubstantial territory.

    resonating jars are shattered
    self delusion fractures (scattered
    contents spill) from vessels, broken
    liquid pools share truths
    - unspoken

    The path integral is the observed sum of many paths taken. E, M, C are discrete perceived units of greater waves. Interference patterns, not integers.

  3. Charlotte A. Cavatica9 February 2012 at 07:00

    if at first you don't succeed etc.



  4. The Impertinent Contradiction9 February 2012 at 07:22

    you can't check logic from within. Statements always contain conclusions. Best brew in Christendom though.

  5. But the mouse couldn't see
    And neither could the flea
    They decided that is had to be a very big tree.