Saturday, 19 May 2012

Capel Mair

In Capel Mair young Marged prayed
An elegy to one who strayed
With words that were beyond her years
But not alas, another's ears

The sweetest heart, the fairest rose
Cwm fynach carved her careless toes
And splendigedig high the hill
Sun caught her hair and fired her will

As honest as the raging sea
As timeless as yr hen allt tree
That crowns descendants tenderly
She was a painted treasury

Y Parch sipped at the mountain dew
He dreamt of blossom 'neath the two
A bluebell moss'ed lair depicted
His God descended heart constricted

Y Parch lit up his sodden prose
With tinder tears of never knows
With kindling barren soulless womb
His children filled the lead-lined tomb

All eyes on one, and one on all
A crease, a smile, a crumpled shawl
It was the hour! It was the dawn!
The Devil finds unwary yawn

As ants so sugar laden nest
She clutched her bounty to her breast
A scarlet lock root-torn from rest
- And love is e'er the highest blessed -
Y Parch passed round his silver test

If it's y Diawl that you would draw
Twas never dark when he was fore
By sunlit dawn and God's good grace
You'll see the one within the face
On close reflect his time and place
As children know the best was then
Tomorrow devils ride again

They gathered now, they gathered then
Together Truth confounds all men
And righteous Twm was raised on high
And offered to an empty sky
This is triumphantly to die!

And Marged conquered life the same
Divine ears deaf the insect game
In like proportion bore the blame
The Somme, the fire, th'eternal flame
Humanity! for shame! for shame

And high above the mountain cwm
The wind chimes song of Marged Twm
Now pray to love upon that hill
And breathless, windless, hear them still.

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