Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Free Will Self Delusion. A fragment. To Yaffle via prism.

Now Yaffle! That was a bit strident of you. Don't be asking me who Yaffle is this year. Again. It's not real. It's stop-go animation. The other one's a woodpecker.

Look at that, I can do stand-up. Hawking can't. You should be able to do these instantly.

Now watch this, I'll hop over the page.

The crow's a theologian
The Scarecrow we call Dawks
And both are but Creationists
Cos they can't see like Hawks.

Squint! Squint at the screen, Will. The words will be more obscure.

That crow story was true. They do it all the time. I clean the windows you see. I try to stop them doing it.

It's all cut and paste, Will. There's only one book. It's not that one. I want to paste people, not to cut them. They need only be in align. It annoys me this is so simple. All Caddis and stones. Good book Yaffle! I give you full marks for that one. Nicely downscribed.

Now in the next one, I'll show you beauty. Let's leave it as a 'boast' for today. It's a very simple trick. I shall show you the heaven-taught athiest.

You cannot do this.


  1. Keep going sonis for ever.

  2. Phee, phi, pho, phum1 May 2012 at 14:01

    Beauty as conjuring trick. Proper magic, yes. Not that Harry Potter silliness. The illusion is to name it real. Ask the magic circle. We're all in it.