Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Greatest Flea on Earth (tribute art)

Fun bit coming presently. Perhaps with a touch of the future, but not quite prescience etc you later compositions, you. *riff your ends* (naughty?)

Modelling complete. Slight 'short-cut' via archetypes. Perhaps a bit of 'cheating'. Could you tell when? I'd love to know how. Then again, go and tell Rupert instead. But do it nicely, as he's a rather straightforward schizophrenic. Dials fucked. Take note Cox.

Brief awards ceremony:- Yaffle held out longest, Atkins close second, Friedrich 1/2 hr, Rupert 1 second. But to be fair, I was doing other things at the time.

Do you want to watch? Have some Free Will, Sam. If you ever snuff it, please could I have your eyebrow.

OK. Board 1 match. Actual opponent's presence not required. Have you ever seen a telephone?
REJ vs Yaffle. Quick odds calculation. Only I know the odds. That looks rather super. I am going to cheat.

Slight hint for slowies. Yaffle brain rather big, REJ brain rather small. REJ is going to use billions of brains. Like what as if there was were some kind of intersubjective manybillion brained hyperperceptive cheating possibility thing going on.

You are 'invited'. Comments neither read nor required.

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