Monday, 14 May 2012

QBI = DVD>1?

Ok. You've spotted what I'm doing. You haven't. Never mind, I have. I've gone and got all bored with Yaffle - lovely one for him later - let's do Mr. Deutsch, he's very deep. The most interesting. He's made Everett testable. We may disregard string theory. It isn't one. There is nothing to regard.

Mr. E did something very simple. He said the micro/macro split is arbitrary, don't be giving me that consciousness bullshit, let's see what happens if we make the Schroedinger universal. From then on, he's fine. And Mr. D has riffed on this. They're both starting from an incorrect datum.

Ok, he's not really fine from then on, he went MAD, did the silliest probability horse-shit ever, and pissed himself away to nothing. Didn't really do much for Elizabeth, did it? But that's parenting, not physics. They are different things.

Now I've put Mr. D in ten graphemic ideograms for you at the top. Just to save you from going all googly-eyed like him. But that 2nd chapter - that is how to write - if you ever feel like having a pop at it.

The only line you need from that book is:- (attempt gist) - 'If a calculation is performed that would have required more processing power than that available from all the atoms in the universe, then there will be some explaining to do'.

Indeed there will. The calc for how many atoms in the universe will be wrong, but we needn't be worrying about that. Because, if correct, his qcalcs will be rather spectacularly large. Of a whole different order.

Any moment now. He says...