Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lit Crit

Ok, homework is:- take out the forced Wenglish, remove clunky etc. There's one acceptable couplet 'They gathered now...'. I shouldn't have to tell you that. Make good (lazy engineering slang) the rest. All couplets 50 syllables and under to be site run (draughtsman skive). etc

Add further 'observations' - pick base universal ones = cross-cultural. etc etc. And you'll have a wee pome. I can't be arsed, I'd rather read Burns - he's better, and he's already done it for us. But don't be telling me he had to try. Look at the output, look at his 'distractions'. There wasn't time. It was automatic for him. How annoying. But do note - going to Grayling's unseen university is not going to help you. He is the bland leading the bland. He says nothing, and charges a fortune to say it. Also never do economics somewhere the boss can't differentiate between cost and price. And the less said about Krauss the better.

Now I'm on tour up Scotland. That's yr Alban to me. Some of them think it's Alba. I prefer the N word. Note I do not test syphilis on them like Americans. Pixel-police try not-saying cancer. You are dull as fuck. That one for every fucking library in Strathclyde that blocks REJ as 'pornographic'.

Another thing you haven't noticed, is that if you see these as words, rather than pixels, or indeed numbers, then later compositions in your minds may be open to remote manipulation. Be careful what you read now. The true vampire requires no invitation. Let's hope he's a very lovely vampire.

Now if the damned lies be believed, the prettiest get 1000 views, the funniest 200, and the cleverest 5. Eventually. This gets on my tits enormously. More than the LHC. That is a lot of tit-gettingon. They've gone all eldritch. Now you wouldn't like me when I'm eldritch. You don't like me uneldritch.

Now click back to my 'eurodisney'. What's that then? Prescience or fucking obvious? You tell me.

An ant is a moving plant. A human is an ant with emotional rendering. A zoologist will be 'unlikely' to tell you this. Even though Charlie said it in 18-whateverthefuck. Don't ask me, I wasnae there. Ask Max Boyce.

Theology is ethology. Experiment with e. Sophisticated ethology is fuck all use for the ants. Now you can only see contrast. Yaffle tuned the wrong end, the wrong accent - birdsong - for the dummies. He can't even see he wrote the individual delusion. This is because he is in synchrony. And we can only see contrast. As I may have said.

Now what is required is a non-human perspective. Very luckily for you - that's both readers - I have this facility as I am an intermittent. That is not quite the same as supernatural, Mr. Sheldrake. No.

Now humans have, on average, the perspective required for being humans. Cats make rather better cats. etc. Now when you look at say the trivial food search algorithm for ants, you should not declare 'By thunder, dose ants is clever'. No. You should, in fact, declare 'By thunder, dose humans is as dumb as ants'. Yes.

This minor aspect of the self delusion is thinking you are better than you are. Hence the disappointment of performance related pay. etc. It's a very healthy thing, within boundaries, to over-estimate rather than under. Eeyore sulked in the hole, Tigger bounced out and bred more. Overall. Do stop seeing individuals. They are illusory.


  1. The consultant said 'cancer' to me this week. Several more offering to pray. I'm sticking with the radiotherapy thanks. Chemo if it turns hardcore. Jokes about phantom nipples demanded - there's a special request for you. Comments back on so presumably pixels are now readmitted. Writers write with obligation, like turrets the quality of output is irrelevant. Looks like the mind's come out in hives again.

  2. Innocent Bystander23 May 2012 at 10:43

    REJ - Couldn't have put it better myself, obviously.

    keyfeatures - my deepest unprayers are with you. Phantom nipples? But you already have three. How many more do you want?

  3. Pooh :((

    Sorry to hear that KF.

    Glad to hear you are sticking with the evidence.

  4. Sorry to hear your news keyfeatures. You've chosen the route most likely to benefit you though; science over quackery. Best of luck.