Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Poem for the day

Nawrte. I've conceived. The experiment is that telephones can't be invented. You'd only hear an imperfect copy later, and no one would be fooled by that. Let's see if the pizza arrives.

Wel, heddiw we have what I like to call, a schizophrenic confessional. It's me pretending to be someone else, pretending to be insane, but not very well. We may as well give him a name - just pick two odd Welsh ones. That's him. Take it away, him that is not me!

HTINM:- Diolch. Here is my pome. What is a sign of a healthy noodle.

Three cats, a dog, and a strawberry fool
All hitched a ride on a five-legged mule
And off they went to the magical school
Where bees teach honey and fan the class cool
On a platform hexagonal floating in gruel.

The lessons were long and the summer was short
He added up all of the things they'd be taught
With particular heed to irregular thought
And the time it takes felines to contemplate nought
Though some claimed it pointless, vast fleas were there caught.

The fleas fed the birds as they leapt in the sky
And the ground fed the trees as it breathed with a sigh
And we all ask the bees when we want to know why
So the dog and the strawberry felt they should try
But the cats dwelt on nothing that money can't buy.

If only the spiders attended as well
For a spider's an ant with a self-diving bell
And our only known conduit twixt heaven and hell
The octofoot psychopomp crawling to tell
With a feardom personified tolling the knell.

So what does this mean? is the question you ask
That self-betterment's always an onerous task
And most frightening of all is behind of the mask
Where the mind in its nakedness shocks from the cask
And reality's made as unreal as damask.

REJ:- The pizza has arrived!


  1. So what does this mean? Hahahaha Reality is miles away but lots of fun to read. Complete madness and I enjoyed every word!

  2. I'd cut back on the risperidone. That made far too much sense to me. No belay that. I forgot my tab this morning. As you were.

    Octofoot? Octofeet, surely? Anyway, far nicer than octopus.