Friday, 19 August 2011

Titanic bail-out

There's more sea! There's more sea!

Now we all believe in paying our debts. Especially business persons. And Bono. But should you pay someone else's? Certainly Jesus thought so - although he did make a bit of a fuss about his lost weekend, and suffering in this world is paid off in the next, so it doesn't count. And he forgot the miracle of turning off suffering - just bad luck he wasn't a Buddhist I suppose.

But some stories make sense. Nawrte, ble were ni? Oh yes. Should you be forced to pay someone else's debt? Wel, clearly no. It would be disgustingly immoral. What then about paying off more than someone else's debt? Wel, landlords think that's fine, and so does the IMF. Let's make like Quentin Crisp, and race to the bottom. Can we think of something worse? I once knew a landlord who bought fair-trade coffee -

* notasausage * -

Hmmm...must get a drum machine. Indeed. Wel, I was hoping Clarence would appear, but instead it's Keynes and that one that sounds like Haiku. Malheureusement, on dois poppez out to do some very un-lillylike toiling now, and so I'll add this brief REM statement - countries is boats, sea-level is global money, national economies are deckchair arrangers since sovereign nations have become subordinate to the globalised market. What a dull phrase.

The clever man invented the chip, so that money was one step away. And one step is hard for a human. Three would be incredible. Gadewch i ni weld how many steps to force-starve an African from here, and feel innocent, or even benevolent.

The diffusion of responsibility is the most dangerous of perceptional delusions, and anyone using a traded currency is playing at the table. How much money you are responsible for reflects how much you are responsible for. Yes.

Iesu Mawr!....It's those two I mentioned earlier! -

Haiku:- Actually I sound more like kayak I seem to remember now -

REJ:- Wel, I'll call you Rose anyway -

Keynes:- Hahaha! Mr. Pink! -

REJ:- And you can be Royale with cheese. Off you go -

Rose:- I think we should save up and build a dam. -

Royalewithcheese:- I think we should borrow and build a dam. -

REJ:- Splendigedig! Only the dam's 1% the height of the tide. Who said default is ok? Idi Amin's seismologist. -

*tumbleweed* -

REJ:- Hmmm....Wel, economics is boring, and we all know deregulation of global finance and the IT revolution has caused the flow of capital to rise from $80 billion a day in 1980, to $whatevertrillion today. Thus fucking long term investment etc bla. etc. Christ it is dismal.

*****one last drivel economics tome to read****

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