Thursday, 18 August 2011

Poem for the day

Ah yes. Must open those letters. Hmmm...let's try this one marked 'B'. Oooh! It's a 1 and a 3. Nawrte, I'm riding my bicycle, as you had probably guessed from my bell - *ting!* - there it is again if you missed it earlier - and while I'm riding, I'm typing. I only hope my laptop doesn't run out of ink.

The gwynt is in my hair, the sky is 'tween my ears, and the graphics boys have done an ardderchog job with the scrolling, even keeping the sun at effective infinity. The trees are whispering by smoothly, and my route is alive! Lined with living, breathing, hoof-ed hedgerows, those fallen clouds, those bleatsome-cotton sages of the - Oooh! look out Emmanuel Jones! there's a split pair. Now what was that old country rhyme?....have to make it up quick....

If you see a lamb and ewe
Either side the road from you
And you're wondering what they'll do
It's lamb to ewe, ten times to two.

REJ:- But it's only half-past -

*ting!* *ting!!!* *BAA!!!* *Ooof!* *tng*

REJ:- Shepherd's delight. Wel, that's enough ethological rhyme for one day. Let's be back home and writing a pome for Sioned instead. That should shut her up about that job. Nawrte...hmmm....she likes the newyddion....ok, go the first -

A rioter in Clapham Junction
Had a todger that just wouldn't function
His wife went out looting
Ann Summers in Tooting....

...truncheon. Yes. No! That's a sosban for sure...what was the other thing they liked? Ah, of course, ponies. Go the second:-

A man with a pony and trap
Found a fossilised dinosau....

Diawl! think now, Jones bach...Aha! flowers! Da iawn. They always like flowers. Ok go the third:-

Fuschia bells, fuschia bells
Watching o'er embraceful dells
Sweet as so the air to sing
Chime delicious blossom ring

The bluebell bows, the cowbell cows
The fuschia hangs umbrella boughs
And reigns as if a frozen breeze
Was melted warm by summer ease
So softer than the resting seas
Caress sands silting Neptune's pleasure
Fuschia is my love, my treasure.

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