Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Poem for the day

Dear Richard. - that's all it says - no surname or nothing - Please could we have a poem about anatomy. Perhaps a silly one. Yours Faithcerely, S. Milligan ItoldyouIwasill.

Why certainly S.Milligan ItoldyouIwasill. Glad to oblige. Noblesse oblige indeed. The versed man's burden etc

Skin, Skin, lovely skin -
It keeps your outsides out and your insides in
A sack of snot makes lovely lube -
The toilet tells you you're a tube.

Is it worth going on? I suppose it can't get worse....

A stretchy hole for stools to pass
The other end eats dead cow's arse

Oh - I think that is enough really - a bit crude don't I think? - the image of God etc? Come on now -

The dangler's purpose not quite clear -
But not for bottoms! God's not queer!

No - I'm sorry - I'm going to have to stop me there - this is getting offensive now -

The furry -

Right! That's it! Go to my room Richard Emmanuel Jones! And no supper until evensong.

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