Saturday, 7 November 2009

Poem for the day

Well it's later than it earlier was and I still haven't managed a poemical writing. I have tried, honest to God, but it's harder than it looks. I think four lines is the maximum extent of my stanzitational field. In addition as well to this I am emburdened in extra with the added weight of a request indeed from Sir Allan of W, a noted econosportsman, decbankthlete and shouting-sideline proxyhooligan. It reads like thus:- Dear Richard Emmanuel Jones.....something about Idris.....blablabla........god he waffles doesn't he?........can you do us a poem about about he drunk?.....saltwater/freshwater economics.....he's on something this boy......preferably one about imperialist exploitation of leeward French Polynesian islands containing one profundity about the relative nature of wealth, and ending with a pun on the original Tahitian pronounciation of the aforementioned. In four lines. Please, Thankyou. Sir Allan of W.

Well Sir Allan of W! As I said I couldn't earlier, indeed I can, for counter-intuitively perhaps, the greater the specified rules, the lesser the work for the hand of the creator.....

In search of wealth, he went in stealth
By sea to Bora Bora.
He lacked the itch, to make him rich
So made the poorer poorer.

There you are Sir Allan of W. £12.50. Tenner for cash. Dilys the tax - only joking!


  1. Bravo! A succinct summary of three hundred years of colonial commercialism in only four lines.

    I'm sorry for you that those Maories were too strong; their upside-down cousins were too strong for our prize bullocks as well.

  2. Once more the salty pint of tears! I don't have eyes in my buttocks no! But with hindsight that win in 1953 only made them angry. Although they cheated in 1968. And Llanelli beat them in 1973. Actually they always cheat, but not by the traditional punch in front of the ref honest cheating. They do the foulsome accidental-in-the-way-arms-in-the-air-trying-to-get-out-of-the-way-ooops! cheating. Which is not cricket.

  3. Don't mention cricket, man! Neither of us can beat them at that game either.