Monday, 2 November 2009

Poem for the day

Well, well! I just had the funniest dream! I'm going to see my financial adviser later today - but that's not a poetical ride on the iambic tetrametricycle is it? But here tinkling his versi-bell and kicking down his odular-leg-stand is Llanfihangel-y-creuddun's very own but not really one of us Walford Jenkins, who has a moustache. Walford is a resting lunatic on loan from Aberwristwatch-on-sea. The Lead and Silver mines at Nant-yr-arian have long leeched lunacy into the lives of the Aberwristwatchians. And Walford was well irrigated indeed if you get my meaning. The famous Gwent ward of the North Road hospital is the traditional holding bay for these kind of moon-barkers and I think this may be what Walford's poem is going to be about. But I'm not getting too close.

The sun went out, the sky went dark
The world collapsed around me
The stars they fell, and me as well
By soulfelt gravity

Some time to rest, it would be best
For all concerned and me
They made it clear, I'd volunteer
Or go on Section III

I climbed the steps, took one last breath
Of air so fresh and free
The satellite, throughout the night
Transmitting E.C.T.

They took my things, I signed the form
They took my blood from me
Before I'd rest they'd do the test
For drugs and HIV

And all about the ward I saw
Bodies parted from their souls
Some nightmare force that ripped through arms
Through cigarette shaped holes

It was the will that climbed the hill
And leapt unto the sea
It held the knife that took the life
Of Gavin in room three

Some wept remembering the pain
The terror that suppresses
But some no longer felt at all
And these - I came to know - were the successes.

er - yes. Da iawn Walford. Haven't you got to be getting somewhere? Shame you messed up the last line there - doesn't quite scan does it? Not that I'm being critical! You write what you like all good therapy for a moon-barker! er - I'll be having to go now......let yourself out....I fancy a bit of a jog actually.....I'll just start sprinting.....

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