Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Poem for the day

What do you call a donkey with three legs? - A surprisingly good darts player. I don't get it either. Now a lot of person say to me 'Richard! If you're so clever how come you can't dress yourself? Why can't you change your socks weekly, as is the local custom, whether you really need to or not? Why can't you put those bloody shelves up like you promised LAST AUGUST!!! Why can't you take the rubbish out for a change? Why can't you cook dinner? - women aren't magically born knowing how to cook dinner! Why can't you pick the children up from school? they are half yours? Why can't you take me out once in a whileisthattoomuchtoaskyoutookyourlastfattartout lotsandlotsbutnoImnotgoodenoughisthatityoubastard?!'

You've guessed who it is haven't you?! Why yes! - it's William Blake from beyond the grave! disturbing my dreams with division of labour domestic chore political correctness gone mad! Last night he appeared in full physical manifestation and directly challenged me:-

WB:- Richard!.........RICHARD!!!

(I was pretending not to hear at first!)

WB:- Richard! I can't rest! I muffed one of my poems up! Got it all back to front sort of thing! Please can you update it in the light of the new Physics! I have chosen you! wooooooooooo!..........WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

REJ:- Yes, I heard you the first time.

Alright then, I will:-

William William burning bright
Not quite rhyming through the night
What immortal symmetry
Framed thy fearful hand and eye?

Why, the immortal symmetry of four-dimensional spacetime of course!

There. That wasn't difficult was it? Now piss off.


  1. Just came back to this one; it's brilliant. Just brilliant.

  2. Hark! the y doth rhyme with i
    In the Tyger's symmetry