Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Poem for the day

Champagne at Pontarfynach - (a request and to thank 'ee for cummings)

Allan and Phil and Hazel and me
Went down Pontarfynach (to picnic you see)

And Allan discovered a business plan
That freed and enlightened the common man

Phil invented a genius scheme
That gave the world the chance to dream

And Hazel shone brightly as one who knows
And panned for the gold in the mental flows

I drank champagne and sat on my arse
And came up with nothing but trivial farce

But whatever life brings (from a you or a me)
On that day we were kings crowned by 'Yr Hen allt' tree


  1. That's exactly what I meant. It's beautiful. Thanks Jonathan.

  2. I even spotted the E.E.Cummings pun!

    We have to work on the next visit; can we include Clod and some folk music, do you think?

  3. Thought I commented already here, but comment disappeared into cyberspace. If it happens again I'll give up. This writing is magic.