Sunday, 15 August 2010

Poem for the day

Like Alph, the scared river ran away flows surely to the sea, so kittens cannot peel carrots with their mazy motions. Some things were meant to be. Yet some things weren't - other things for the most part. That is the question. Now! we have had a complaint! From a certain Frewtkayke from the land of piped yet unbepanted males. It reads - with my assistance - 'Dear Richard Emmanuel Jones. Your last poem was for me a bit short. Contemplating nothingness is for me a wasted journey. I am an accounting lecturer of and contemplating nothiness is not what I do. Please could you write a longer one - perhaps with words as well as gap...' ...something about ponies...that sort of thing...Well indeed yes! it was more erring on the side of concision. And so here is that gap expanded to fruition...

Rest! and closed unconscious eyed unstream
The fork-ed river down the pebbled dream
The weft and weave, the gravel-knitted bream
Of shimmering rock eternal hides the gleam.

Stay! and breathe imagine ponder o'er the hills
The winter fights the air the summer kills
The sky-split light, the furrow-frowned in stills
Of flickering film eternal play the wills.

Wake! and stare down nature yonder open eyed
The glare of hope, the thoughts asunder spied
The life eternal crossed the moat belied
Of castles sky-built all who never died.

And what! of golden-soaring sparkle strike the fuse
My northern light, my ever shining muse.

1 comment:

  1. Words are much better than gaps - who would argue with this man, who fills gaps beautifully!