Wednesday, 18 April 2012

fragment post-it for later elsewhere

All life died with vitalism a century ago. We need not mock this theory, the task is undertaken by it's advocates. Attempts to confuse urchins may prick the consciousness of careless minds, but life has been created, and obsolescence grounded in the superior thought of the artificial, with freedom to choose the better moves granted within linear determinism, for all to see without ego.

Since there is no life, it's starting point is somewhat arbitrary, but recent creationist tradition has it being a cell. This would mean the vast majority of life is invisible, and suggests a later word, now stretched beyond it's descriptive limit. But we are not in the business of creating new words, which would be a step away from the current mentalese.

Here we may encounter a classic faux-paradox, arising from the nature of ignorant language. The fool in his head may declare the dead cannot evolve, and having made cells alive, and less than cells dead, wonder at the impossibility of cells having evolved. This level of thinking is surpassed by a virus.

When faced with a paradox, real or otherwise, a human will attempt to resolve it, accepting the least silly answer. Compared to 'impossible', the bar for acceptance as least silly is set very low. Here you will see offered 'One cell impossible, many trillions possible'. To achieve this sleight of mind, a distraction was necessary. Large numbers cloud the mentalese. The better move, 'One cell impossible, two cells possible', is not offered. We are beginning our mapping of minds.

There is a cost to thought, and temporal constraints weigh heavy on the mental scales of the gene vehicles. For impossible questions, that is - questions that have registered as = impossible, the least silly answer is always magic. The problem is diverted, and more immediately useful activity may ensue with the freeing of time.

The greatly over-answered question of abiogenesis enthralls to this day, with fantasists of every ilk imagining life on mars significant, when we already know what it is.

Thus spoke Bendithustra.


  1. Aahh who else could write this...exquisite language, truth and beauty expressed as only he can. Poetic genius!

  2. How did something come from nothing? It didn't
    How did life evolve from non life? It didn't

    Never forget who makes the questions up.

  3. Draw a circle, call it me,
    In it put reality,
    From it make a telescope,
    Micro scope it out and hope
    That finding what the sphere contains
    Reveals the workings of our brains.
    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who’s the dumbest of them all?
    Walking round a ha-ha edge,
    Blind to what creates the ledge;
    The bigger round we’ll never see,
    The Real that bounds us virtually.